9 tips for launching your pizza dough into your Ovana pizza oven

9 tips for launching your pizza dough into your Ovana pizza oven

Thermomix and Ovana are the perfect pair for creating authentic, homemade pizzas. One of the most common questions we’re asked when people first start making pizzas is how to get the dough off the peel and into their Ovana Pizza Oven. This is called ‘launching your pizza dough’ and although it can be a little tricky at first, with a bit of practice and our tops tips, you’ll be cooking perfect pizzas in no time. 

1. Use the right dough

    There are so many great pizza dough recipes around but some can be too wet which makes them extra sticky. Our classic Pizza dough works a treat. We’ve also provided additional recipes including a gluten free pizza dough in our recipe booklet that comes with your Ovana pizza oven.

    2. Keep it room temp

      You also want to make sure your dough is at room temperature. If you’ve slow proved your dough in the fridge make sure you bring it to room temperature before stretching out your pizza dough so it doesn’t spring back into place. If it’s a hot day and your dough is too warm it can become sticky and difficult to work with so do your best to keep it at room temperature. 

      Hot tip: If you’re making multiple pizzas allow your peeler to cool down between pizzas too.


      3. Use flour, plenty of it!

        Make sure you have plenty of flour on your work surface as you’re rolling out and shaping your pizza dough. We like to use semolina but any flour will work just as well. 

        4. Not too thick, not too thin

          Believe it or not, rolling your dough too thin will make it harder to launch as you need a strong base to help it slip-slide off the peeler. It’s also more likely to stick if it’s too thin, or if there are any holes in your dough.

          5. Make sure the dough is loose and moving

            Before adding your toppings make sure your dough is loose and moving on the board. If it sticks to your board it will stick to your peeler so when in doubt add a little bit more flour. Repeat this process again after you’ve added your toppings.


            6. Toppings - less is more

              Keep toppings light. While it’s tempting to go nuts with your pizza toppings, simple toppings make it easier to get your pizza off the peel. We also recommend assembling the toppings on a board, not on the peeler.

              7. Assemble just before cooking

                We all love being organised but it’s important not to let your uncooked pizza sit around for too long as the moisture from the toppings will start to leach through to the base, making them stick. 


                8. Move quickly & confidently

                  Move quickly & confidently when using your peel to pick up your pizza and launch it into the oven. And don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Even a pizza that looks a little wonky will be just as delicious! 

                  9. Practice, practice, practice

                    Just like anything, creating the perfect pizza takes some time and practice to get right. And the best part is you get to eat all your delicious test runs! Happy cooking! 

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