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Are you excited about making mealtime simpler and more delicious for people? Discover how you can become a Thermomix® Consultant and make a positive impact on people's lives – starting with yours. 

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Join our exceptional team of Consultants who are on a mission to bring Thermomix® to every kitchen in Australia and New Zealand. 

As a Consultant, you'll run your own in-person or virtual demonstrations and support customers throughout their journey. How you scale your business is up to you - the sky's the limit! We'll support you to build a business plan that meets your needs - whether you're looking for a side-hustle or full-time business. 

The benefits of joining Thermomix®

Earn your TM6

Earn your TM6 with sales in your first 60 days of business OR if you have a TM6 already – start earning commission right away!

Rewarding income & recognition

By doing what you love, you'll be rewarded through a generous commissions structure plus incentives, exclusive product benefits and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Work life balance

Operate your business on your time, around your family commitments or even a full-time job. Work face-to-face, virtually or both - the choice is yours!

Community & family

Join a Thermomix® Team of Consultants, a community that will help support you and train you to be the best Consultant you can be. Together we can create something incredible through your Thermomix® business.

Your recipe for success

Gain world-class training

You don’t need to have experience in sales or be the most confident public speaker to be a Thermomix® Consultant. All you need is a passion to help others.

Access to our world class training is one of the perks of starting your Thermomix® business. Training is conducted through TheMix Academy, where you can complete online learning modules in the comfort of your own home. You’ll also gain real support by real people, through practical cooking experiences and business building sessions with your Team Leader. It’s never been a better time to start.

Additional perks – we love a freebie!

By doing what you love, you’ll also be rewarded with first access to new products through bonus incentives, along with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like cooking classes with leading chefs and travel incentives to incredible foodie destinations. Previous destinations have included Port Douglas, Alice Springs, Hawaii and Hong Kong

What do I need to get started?

We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to kick-start your business for success. When you join, you’ll need a New Consultant Business Kit which contains over $400 worth of value, including a Thermomix® Serving Bowl and Carry Bag for your TM6 – for just $150*!  

Of course, you’ll need a TM6 too but if you don’t already have one we can help with that too!

Each Thermomix® Consultant story is unique, yours will be too!

Belle Hanrahan

Nico Moretti

Irene Giaptzakis

"Joining Thermomix® has been the best choice I ever made and has enabled me to be a single mum who is ALWAYS available to go to school events, help at school, drop and pick up my kids every single day. Making friendships with so many amazing, genuine like-minded people. Given me a steady income with amazing incentives. Enabled me to integrate with so many people in my local community that I would never have met without Thermomix®! Giving me a confidence, I don’t think I'd ever have found without it."

Carmen McEneany

Team Leader

"I wanted to give my customers the very best after-sales service I could, so that by the end of their first month, they are all over Thermomix®. They're really comfortable and confident using it. 
That level of service has built trust, loyalty and an amazing online community that continues to grow my businesses, my income and my passion to keep doing this!"

Collette Mitrega

Thermomix® Consultant

"Jumping into the virtual space with a vision of what I wanted to achieve online, I suddenly had a purpose, in a space that I could inspire, support and continue to change lives far more effectively than ever before."

Kia Gorham

Team Leader


"I first discovered Thermomix® in 2005 when my mother in law would let me borrow her TM21 every Summer to cook our year’s jam supply in 3-4 days. It was love at first sight but as a stay at home mum it was out of the budget. So, now I’ve been an owner for 12 years and a Consultant for 9 1/2 years and still LOVE this machine! I still use mine just about every day, sometimes several times a day. This is not a fad.

My job gives me so much satisfaction supporting over 670 of my own customers on their Thermo journey."

Kirrily Lindberg

Thermomix® Consultant

Still have a few questions?

We hope you'll find your answers below.

How much can I earn as Thermomix® Consultant?

How much you earn with your Thermomix business is a direct result of how much time you invest. By becoming a Thermomix® Consultant, you unlock commissions on both Thermomix® and TheMix Shop* items and can earn a rewarding income. Once you book in for a chat, we’ll be able to share the commissions with you and explore your business goals together. 

*T&Cs apply. Please reach out to speak with a member of our team to explore the details. 

As a Consultant, can I get a discount off a Thermomix®?

The TM6 retails at $2579. As a Consultant you have the opportunity to  EARN your Thermomix® TM6 – pretty amazing, we know!

What makes a good Thermomix® Consultant?

We don’t require any particular credentials from our Consultants. Rather than qualifications per se, we’re looking for people who align with our values. Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Knowledge of the Thermomix® isn’t a prerequisite either, as you’ll soon become a pro by learning from us. If you don’t already have a TM6, be sure to ask about your opportunity to EARN one (or a second one, if you already have one!) when we chat.

What's the initial outlay?

We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to kick-start your business for success. When you join, you’ll need a New Consultant Business Kit and also on the must-have list is our essential “tool of the trade” – a smart connected Thermomix® TM6. If you’re not already a TM6 owner, that’s OK – you can EARN one during your first 60 days in the business. Get in touch for more details on our EARN Program.

What if I don’t own a TM6?

Well, then – we’ll just have to get you one! There are lots of options for you to bag a brand new TM6 as part of your consultancy, including our EARN Program. And as a new owner, you’ll also benefit from additional training with us, which will set you up as a Thermomix® expert in no time.

How much time do you have to spend on your business?

This is totally up to you and we will support you in developing a plan for your business. Establishing your business online or a mix of online and face-to-face is even more time efficient than ever before. The great news is your time is flexible, so there’s plenty of opportunity to fit your business to your lifestyle. 

What does a Thermomix® Consultant do?

This isn’t a job, it’s your own Thermomix® business, so the sky's the limit! That said, there’s one thing that works for everyone, and that’s showcasing Thermomix® in action. We know that the more you showcase Thermomix, the more lives you impact. And, in today’s world of the online Thermomix® consultancy, it’s never been easier to share Thermomix® from the comfort of your own home, while ‘meeting’ customers in the comfort of theirs. 

What are the benefits of being a Thermomix® Consultant?

Oh, there are so many, so we’ll list only a few here and we'll answer all your questions when we speak. 

  1. Self-satisfaction of running your own business 
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Support and Community 
  4. Learning new skills including becoming an expert Thermomix® superuser 
  5. Two income streams - Thermomix® and TheMix Shop* 
  6. Leadership opportunities 
  7. Professional, personal development and training 
  8. Additional rewards and incentives 

*T&Cs apply. Please reach out to speak with a member of our team to explore the details. 


Half Price Business Kit Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. This offer is only available for new Consultants with a 60 Day Program start date between 9 & 30 June 2024.
2. Consultants must purchase their Business Kit from TheMix Shop prior to their start date, or by 7 July 2024 (whichever date is earliest).
3. The Business Kit will be available from TheMix Shop at a reduced price of $75.00, inclusive of freight.
4. This offer is not transferable and is limited to a maximum of one Business Kit purchase per Consultant.
5. Recruits who start their business within 30 days of signing their Contractor Application Form will be eligible for their free Rose Gold Varoma® Bundt Tin Bundle after one closed TM6 sale within 30 days of their start date. This has a value of $54.95.