How to videos and manuals

The following videos show you how to get started with the Kobold Cordless Vacuum VB100 and how to utilise the various accessories available.

Getting started

Operating modes

Changing filter bag

2-in-1 Vacuum Mop Attachment

Above Floor Attachments

Mattress Cleaning Attachments

Upholstery Attachment

Download your Kobold user manuals.

Let us guide you every step of the way so you can feel supported and be assured. It’s important appliances are used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and user manual. You can download your user manuals below.

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I'm in! How do I buy my Kobold?

"This vac is seriously amazing! It’s so light and easy to just grab and go. The kids even use it unprompted! So much more powerful than any other cordless vac I’ve used too. We also love the mop attachment so you can vac and mop at the same time. "

Laura J.

Thermomix Consultant

"So prior to owning the VB100 my current cordless vacuum couldn’t go from tiles to my carpet. Now with the VB100 it just glides like a dream from one to the other so effortlessly and no dust when emptying which saves me from sneezing. I love this vacuum. "

Rebecca V.

Thermomix Consultant

"The new Kobold is so easy to use - the flexibility of not worrying about a cord is awesome. It means you don’t trip over it or need to worry if you are running out of cord.

Great suction with the 3 levels which allows for you to use on cloth lounge & beds. Then for a heavier clean you can power up the floor head to give that extra brush.

Love that is also has various attachments that can also connect.

Overall a very nice appliance."

Michael C.

Thermomix Consultant