Meet TheMix Shop

At TheMix Shop, we have the perfect mix of a super-passionate team of cooks, foodies and gadget lovers.

It’s a family business and we pour our hearts into finding products that we think people will love.

All of our products are inspired by the world and designed right here in Australia. I’m proud that we’re able to bring solutions to your kitchen that tick all the most important boxes: making life easier, sparking your creativity, and, of course, looking beautiful on your bench. All while offering quality and durability at the best value, because we source products directly from suppliers.

When Mum first experienced Thermomix® in Poland back in 1999, it was a life-changing moment for our family. She was convinced of the impact it would have on the quality of life of Australian and New Zealand families.

We started TheMix Shop in 2016 because we wanted to find new ways to help people make meals they’re proud of. No matter what your level of skill, TheMix Shop is here to help you be more capable, confident and creative in the kitchen.

We love helping people cook famous dishes and tap into food trends from around the world, which is why we’ve launched products like our French canelé molds, or our grazing boxes, and our Vac-U-Seal range that helps you cut down on food waste and save money on your weekly shop.

"We’re focused on bringing the best product ideas to life, to not only make your life easier, but cooking more enjoyable."
-Bianca Mazur

"We’re focused on bringing the best product ideas to life, to not only make your life easier, but cooking more enjoyable."
-Bianca Mazur

I personally love our Ovana Portable Pizza Oven, because our family whips up a quick dough in our Thermomix®, we all pick our favourite toppings, and make our pizzas in 60 seconds.

We’re more than an online shop, TheMix Shop is a passionate community where people inspire each other to keep on creating. Our customers, Consultants and in-house recipe team regularly share inspiration to try something new, answer questions, and provide solutions.

Just like every triple-tested recipe that goes into our award winning cookbooks and onto Cookidoo®, everything in TheMix Shop has been tested in our own kitchens. Only those products that pass the ‘I just can’t live without this!’ test make it onto TheMix Shop.

Our choices are made consciously and mindfully with the health of your family and our planet, front of mind. That’s why, wherever possible, we choose sustainable and food-safe glass, silicone, bamboo and wood over plastics.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it may just be the start of something special. Our team is always on the lookout for new inspiration! We value your feedback and take it onboard to make our best-sellers even better and grow our range of must-have products.

Explore TheMix Shop today to unleash the possibilities in your kitchen, there’s something for everyone ‒ from the creative cook, to the convenience-seeker, pizza hero, the home-baker and more.

Bianca Mazur - Executive Director & Founder

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