Your first cook:
Delivery Briefing & Thermomix® Cooking Demo

What happens once you've purchased your Thermomix®?

So, you’ve just bought your very own Thermomix®… Congrats! The way you cook is about to be changed forever.
Whilst you pop some champagne to celebrate, here’s a little more information about what to expect with your Thermomix® delivery.

Prepare yourself.

Once you’ve ordered your Thermomix®, you should expect delivery between 5-10 business days. In the meantime, you will be contacted by your very own Thermomix® Consultant!

This kitchen guru will be your guardian angel when it comes to all things Thermomix® and will be there with you every step of the way.

Get personalised support.

What should you expect next?
Whether you’re new to Thermomix® or are a professional TM chef, your consultant will offer personalised support for whatever help you need to get started for your first cook.

You will be offered a Delivery Briefing session, where your consultant will share tips on how to maximise the functions and features to best suit your needs. You'll explore Cookidoo® together, pick up safety tips, learn about our Recipe Community and more!

Or you can choose to be rewarded and invite your friends and family over, pick a recipe to cook, and make magic happen together with your own Thermomix® Cooking Demo!

Feel excited.

Getting excited? As you should be! To get yourself Thermomix®-ready, you might want to explore our cheat sheet and pantry list, which you will receive in your emails. Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already.

Better yet, picture exactly what the stunning machine will look like on your kitchen bench.

During your delivery session, you'll also receive an exclusive discount code to shop quality kitchenware online at TheMix Shop!

Embrace healthy inspiration.

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Discover how you can flex your cooking skills, find helpful tips and tricks, by exploring our balanced meal plans and recipe community.

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