Test drive a Thermomix® today


Test drive a Thermomix® today

Discover Thermomix® magic in your own kitchen

Get hands on and see Thermomix® in action with the support of your Consultant at a Thermomix® Cooking Demo.  

Your Consultant will show you just how much Thermomix® can do for you – from saving time and money, guided cooking or menu planning – all whilst cooking delicious food for your family and friends. You’ve got to see it to believe it.  

Plus, hosting a Demo can grant you access to exclusive offers on a range of must-have Thermomix® accessories. So what are you waiting for?  

Test drive a Thermomix® in person or online, and book a Demo today. 


Host a demo,
make an impact.

To celebrate our partnership with OzHarvest , for every demo you host between 11 April and 15 May, we’ll donate 20 meals to OzHarvest.*

During your demo you’ll get hands-on with Thermomix® and learn some helpful food waste tips from your Consultant, be eligible for great gifts and rewards, and also help us reach our goal of donating 100,000 meals across Australia and New Zealand.

*20 meals are equivalent to a $10 donation.


Turn a guess into a success

We’ve extended our offer, so you have the chance to unlock an exclusive discount on the brand-new Thermomix® Sensor. Available as a Limited Time Offer Host Reward until June 4.

Imagine achieving the same perfect, guaranteed results in your oven, that you do in your Thermomix®?  

No more wasted ingredients, or second guessing yourself. 

With Thermomix® Sensor, Thermomix® Guided Cooking is extended, for the very first time, to your oven, stovetop and BBQ. Your TM6 will connect to the Thermomix® Sensor to use the interior and ambient temperatures to predict when your meat, cakes and bread bakes will be perfectly cooked.  

Using the Holder, the Thermomix® Sensor can be used in liquid mixes and doughs like cakes and breads!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Get in touch

Chat to your Consultant or contact us so we can connect you with one, then invite your lucky guests to your Thermomix® Cooking Demo.

2. Choose your menu

We’ll show you how to unleash the possibilities of your kitchen while we cook a delicious meal together that you and your guests will enjoy at the end of the Demo.

3. Earn rewards

Not only will you learn new skills and eat delicious food, by hosting a qualifying Demo, you can also unlock rewards on must-have accessories.

Terms & Conditions
*Thermomix® Sensor is available as an additional Host Reward catalogue item between 9am AWST Thursday 22 February to 11.59pm AWST Tuesday 4 June 2024, unless extended. Host Rewards are valid while stocks last and must be redeemed within seven days of the host reward code being issued. Value means the full price at which we would offer the item for sale to the public but does not mean it has been or will be offered to the public.

This host reward is only available while stocks last. Limited to one Host Reward per qualifying Thermomix® Demo. To qualify for the 'Host price', there needs to be a minimum of three separate households including the host. To qualify for the 'Host price when guest buys TM6' there must be a minimum of two separate households including the host, and at least one Thermomix® TM6 must be purchased by a guest present at this Thermomix® Demo.