Limited Edition Kobold VC100 Black Mini Vac

Get your hands on this sleek, LIMITED EDITION black mini vac. The lightweight, handheld Kobold Mini Vac is one of our best kept secrets and is the perfect solution for quick cleaning here and there. Get in quick! It won’t last long.

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Turn a guess into a success

Thermomix® Sensor

Thermomix® Sensor is a Bluetooth® thermometer that extends Thermomix® Guided Cooking to your oven, stovetop and BBQ.

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Firra Cast Iron Cookware

Experience the ultimate cooking versatility Firra range. Crafted with high-quality materials, each piece is designed to deliver superior heat retention and even cooking, making them perfect for everything from stews and soups to casseroles and baked goods.

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Thermomix® Cooking for Diabetes

Whether you have type 2 diabetes, are pre-diabetic or simply want to eat for health - this book is for you. With over 70 low-GI, nutritionist-approved recipes in line with national guidelines for diabetic eating, you'll love how simple, easy and affordable it is to create healthy and delicious food everyone wants to eat.

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Kobold VK7
Cleaning System

Thermomix® Cookbooks

Bag any of our range of incredible cookbooks for any Thermomix® fan. 

From authentic Asian recipes, to family favourites, mid-week classics and more, there's a Thermomix® book for everyone.

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Thermomix® Parts

As the official distributor of Thermomix®, TheMix Shop is the only store to stock authentic Vorwerk parts.

Genuine Parts. Only at TheMix Shop

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