The ultimate summer BBQ recipes and outdoor entertaining guide

The ultimate summer BBQ recipes and outdoor entertaining guide

Bring on easy summer entertaining: Bring the Ovana outdoor pizza oven and Meater meat thermometer to the party.

Summer entertaining is one of the biggest pleasures when it doesn’t turn into a big operation. Here’s how to spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the table, soaking up more of those long balmy evening vibes, sharing good food with good friends and family.

With a few simple ingredients, easy BBQ recipes and smart gadgets (including your Thermomix®!), you can create a sharable feast that feeds a crowd, gets the conversation flowing and the party fun started.

An outdoor pizza oven that turns out a pizza per minute!

Pizza party! It’s got to be the easiest way to please a big crowd. Made even easier by mixing up a quick batch of legendary Thermomix® pizza dough and taken to the next level when you bring the Ovana outdoor pizza oven to the party.

Ovana is pizza nirvana! A restaurant-grade portable gas pizza oven that fires up to optimal cooking temperature in minutes and can turn out one perfectly crispy stone-baked pizza, full of authentic taste, in less than 60 seconds. That’s just not possible with your traditional wood-fired pizza oven, home oven or grill. Perfect your pizza-making skills with our entire Ovana Pizza Oven collection, learn more about cooking with Ovana or check out our easy guide to creating the perfect pizza dough!

Try these three easy pizza recipes

Cook meat and veggies better and faster than your barbecue can

That’s a great party trick when you’ve got a crowd to please. Imagine searing all your meats and veggies to perfection in a flash, while keeping everything beautifully succulent. And putting the perfect caramelisation on one of the most important ingredients of all – your onions. Even adding that delicious golden-brown maillard effect on your steaks that’ll really impress your guests.

The secret is the Ovana Sizzle Pan. It’s made to harness all the cooking space and optimal searing temperatures inside the Ovana outdoor pizza oven to cook meats and veggies quicker and better than any gadget you can add to your outdoor kitchen! Load up your marinated chicken on our sliding barbecue skewers for the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Steak searing tip: Salt your steak and let it dry at room temperature for 30 mins, then oil with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and sear.

Try these summer entertaining sizzler pan recipes

Cook to everyone’s liking with the smartest meat thermometer

Grab your cuts of meat, cut out the temperature and timing calculations, get rid of the guesswork and cook your meats to everyone’s liking with a smart wireless meat thermometer. You’ll thank yourself later.

Taking the traditional kitchen thermometer or bbq thermometer to the next level, the Meater Plus BBQ Meat Thermometer is a game-changer and time saver. We’d even go as far as saying it’s a lifesaver – removing the risk of undercooking chicken and chunky steaks or overcooking your best cuts of meat.

The bluetooth wireless meat thermometer connects easily to your smart device via the Meater app, and gives you step-by-step cooking instructions for creating consistent results. It’ll even ping you five minutes before your meat is ready to remove from the heat and calculates the exact amount of time you need to rest your meat for maximum juiciness.

Test the Meater+ with these tasty recipes

Save time on plating up and pile up your meats and veggies on sharing platters for your guests to help themselves. They look so inviting and absolutely stunning as a centrepiece on your table.

Simple sides from summer’s bounty

Add some bright and beautiful seasonal sides with eat-the-rainbow summer salads. They’re so easy to make in advance with your Thermomix doing all the chopping and quickly whipping up some killer dressings. And why not keep your canapes fresh, light and simple by swapping breads for cool and crisp sliced cucumber with dips.

Try these make-in-advance easy recipes

Keep flies and bugs at bay

Pesky bugs and flies come uninvited to almost every outdoor gathering, especially around food. But there’s a more elegant solution than fiddly food covers. One that’ll keep your food safe on your outdoor table, barbecue area, benchtop or camp kitchen. It’s a sleek little battery-powered fly fan that creates just the right kind of movement insects hate. And with soft blades that immediately stop when a hand touches them, so fingers and hands are kept safe. Jump over here to read more about the Fly Away Fan.

Take summer entertaining anywhere

Going camping? Heading to the local park? Going over to a mate’s place? Take the party with you without taking up too much space in your car. The Ovana outdoor pizza oven is completely portable and compact, easy to set up and pack away in the Ovana Carry Cover to take on the road. And wherever you’ve got a mobile signal and meats to cook, you’ve got the Meater food thermometer to get every bite done to perfection.

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Check out our entire outdoor entertaining collection for all your essentials to be the hostess with the mostest this summer season!