Kobold Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Cleaning smarter, not harder, is the goal of any time-poor adult in our modern age. The demand on individuals and families to uphold a professional, personal and social life, whilst also looking after your home, health, well-being and relationships, is higher and more difficult to achieve than ever before. It’s that lived reality that makes products like the Kobold Cordless Vacuum and the Kobold Vacuum Mop particularly eye-catching pieces of home-tech. But does the innovation match in theory and in practice? Kate, the Founder and Creative Director of Moda Interiors, was eager to find out.

A bit about Kate from Moda Interiors

With over 20 years of experience in the interior design industry, and with the business of parenthood, Kate has seen, created and experienced a diverse range of functionality, style and form in homes from all around the world. She maintains that the key to longevity and flexibility in a home, is to take care of your spaces - from the floors to the soft furnishings - and to invest in quality pieces that will help you to achieve just that.

Discover what Kate thinks of Kobold as she reviews the vacuum cleaner range. 

10 things Kate loves about Kobold vacuum cleaners

1. Time

"It’s such a time saver!! Vacuuming while you mop? Genius. Not only is this a huge benefit from the perspective of a busy mum and business owner, but to not have to do two laps of the home (first with a vacuum and then with a mop) takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of my back."

2. Accessibility

"Not only does the functionality of the 2-in-1 product lend itself to being one of the most disability friendly vacuum’s I’ve tried, but so does 1) not needing to constantly hold down a button and put pressure on my wrist and 2) the fact that it stands upright and that I don’t need to bend down constantly to retrieve the appliance. This is especially true of the foot-level buttons, where you can change settings by pressing your foot to the machine base rather than needing to awkwardly bend down or navigate compartments.”

3. Battery

“The Kobold has a battery life of up to 80 minutes. The usability of the high powered lithium-ion battery is absolutely fantastic. I also love that I don’t need to have a designated spot in the house to charge it.” 

4. Allergens

“Beyond Covid-era health concerns, immediate household health challenges start with dust, allergies and auto-immune sensitivities. The Kobold clears 99.9% of allergens, which is very important for me and my family - not only is the cleaning easier, but it’s more effective too.”

5. Power and surface settings

“The vacuum we currently use only has one power setting - any other force, like the kind you need when switching from tiles to rugs, needs to come from you, the users I love that the Kobold vacuum has three power settings that you can change at the handle, or via a paddle that you can press with your foot. Very similar, you can adjust the settings on the 2-in-1 vacuum and mop for different types of floor surfaces - such functionality!”

6. Cordless

“Not only is this super handy for the home, especially when moving between rooms and weaving between furniture, but it makes it even more convenient to bring the Kobold to our project fit-outs - which in our industry, is a very frequent occurrence!”

7. Attachments

“There are always those awkward spots between furniture pieces or cornices that a normal vacuum attachment can’t reach. They either get missed (or ignored) or you have to lift and shift furniture to get the vacuum in the right spot. The east to switch between adjustments are great for those tricky nooks.” 

8. Lightweight and manoeuvrable

“The Kobold is super light and easy to manoeuvre. You don’t need serious elbow grease just to vacuum your way through a simple carpet - super functional.” 

9. Fool proof

“I am not the most tech friendly person - ask my daughter, she still needs to keep tabs on my passwords for me - so I really appreciate that whilst there are different settings and parts to the Kobold, there are minimal buttons, the instructions are very comprehensive and straightforward, and it’s super easy to use. Not a reader? You can watch the video tutorials like I did - super handy.” 

10. Aesthetics

“Not that this should ever be your first priority when choosing appliances for the home - we always opt for form and functionality first - but it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Kobold itself is easy on the eyes. Should it be something you don’t want to tuck away in a cupboard or drawer, the slick white surface of the appliance, and the visible absence of a dust bag or cords, make it viewer-friendly."

Our opinion?

The Kobold is like the next Thermomix® (irony of it being from the same company aside) - you won’t get why it’s so brilliant until you try it, and once you do, you won’t let it go.

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