Guide to the best stick vacuum cleaners

Guide to the best cordless stick vacuum

Everything you need to know about cordless stick vacuums

Stick vacuum cleaners, or cordless vacuum cleaners, take the hard work out of cleaning. These flexible, portable vacuums clean your floors with a lot less fuss than a bulky corded vacuum. And with the right attachments, they can clean furniture, mattresses, cars and all those hard-to-reach places too. Learn everything you need to know about stick vacs with our guide to buying the best cordless stick vacuum and how you can level up your cleaning and free up more time to enjoy what matters most to you.

Stick vacuums explained

What is a cordless stick vacuum?

A cordless stick vacuum cleaner has taken the traditional upright vacuum and made it more lightweight and flexible to use around the home. These cord-free vacuums have a slim shaft handle and are easy to manoeuvre from room to room without plugging and unplugging cables into a power supply. Instead, the stick vac’s compact yet powerful motor is powered by a rechargeable battery and the dirt is captured in either a canister, cup, or bag.

The convenience and versatility of cordless stick vacuums make them one of the most popular household cleaning appliances in the world.

Stick vacuums vs. handheld vacuums

So, what’s the difference between a cordless stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum? And do you need both?

If you’ve already got a mini handheld vacuum, such as the Kobold VC100 Handheld Vacuum (VC100), they’re perfect for quickly cleaning up small spills and accidental messes on furniture and in your car, or for taking on camping trips in your caravan.

A handheld vacuum is a super-compact, portable little machine that fits comfortably in one hand and can be carried around to clean on the go. However, a hand vacuum isn’t always ideal for floor cleaning. It’s more like a mini companion to your full-sized vacuum cleaner. That’s where your cordless stick vacuum comes in! Learn more about the benefits of mini vacs with our handheld vacuum guide.

What makes the best stick vacuum cleaner?

Light and easy to use

The most obvious advantage of stick vacuum cleaners is just how versatile and flexible they are to adapt to almost any environment. Compared to traditional corded vacuums, cordless stick vacuums are lightweight and smaller in size, which makes them much easier to use and move around the home. When comparing stick vacuums, consider weight, size, shape and ergonomic design. All these factors can affect how easily they clean corners, edges and under furniture.

The Kobold VK7 is a sleek and lightweight portable cordless stick vacuum with an ultra-compact profile that makes it easy to move, a flexible pivoting brush head to effortlessly reach into and around corners and click-on attachments for reaching trickier spaces. There’s even a shoulder strap and foldable handle so you can comfortably clean top to bottom and room to room, moving furniture, books and cushions with one hand while using the cleaning attachments with the other.

Tools and attachments for extra versatility

Beyond floors, homes have many more types and textures of surfaces that all need cleaning as part of your weekly routine, your spring clean or with a quick spot-clean before guests arrive! So, having a vacuum cleaner that can adapt to different uses is important when it comes to saving you time and giving you value for money.

Stick vacuums are known for their versatility when compared to their corded counterparts, but when paired with a whole dream cleaning team of modular click-on stick vacuum attachments from Kobold, the VK7 has the no-sweat solution for every surface and crevice.

With the Kobold cordless stick vacuum’s Above the Floor Set, you can effortlessly clean all those hard-to-reach spaces, from skirting boards to cornices, and everything in between. And for gentle yet thorough cleaning on delicate fabrics, click on the Kobold Electric Upholstery Brush (PB7). Learn more about how to use these extras with our vacuum attachments and accessories guide!

High suction power

If you have lots of carpet or high-pile rugs, and especially if you have indoor pets, you’re going to benefit hugely from investing in a vacuum with turbo or high suction power settings, combined with effective brush heads to lift dirt and pesky pet hairs from textiles, furniture and car interiors.

Kobold’s cordless stick vacuum packs the biggest suction (27l/s) and the highest voltage battery of any rechargeable stick vacuum* powering the double-motorised brushes in the All-Floor Brush (EB7) and the Upholstery Brush attachment (PB7), making it the perfect cordless pet vacuum cleaner!

Powerful battery life. Short run-time and charge time.

How much cleaning time and cleaning power you get from a single charge depends on the voltage and quality of the battery. Check the run times on the lowest and highest power settings and how long it takes to fully recharge the battery – the average runtime is around 20-30 minutes with a charge time of 3 to 5 hours.

The best cordless stick vacuums give you a higher power rechargeable powerful battery that’s also replaceable. That means you don’t have to discard them with the entire vacuum cleaner at the end of the battery life.

The Kobold VK7 battery is fully replaceable. But that’s not all that’s remarkable! It minimises battery charging time to an all-time low of 90 minutes^ and maximises runtime to give you top stick vacuum cleaning performance right down to the last second of charge. When connected to the All Floor Brush (EB7), the VK7 runs for up to an hour on just one charge! And for when you’re using the high-power modes, your Kobold conveniently includes a second battery.

Dust and dirt capacity

If you’re a daily vacuum user, then choosing a vacuum cleaner with a large capacity for holding dust and dirt is important.  

Stick vacuums have dust canisters or barrel filters with a capacity to hold 0.6L to 1L and should be emptied after each use and cleaned often to prevent blockages or compromising the function of the vacuum. The same applies to bagless corded vacuums, and although they have bigger capacities to hold dust and dirt, the downside is they blow dust and smells back into your house and the filters are expensive to replace.

The big difference with Kobold’s stick vacuum cleaner is the innovative four-layer filter bag design that compacts dirt and dust so you only need to change the bag every 6-8 weeks** (that’s equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee a month). What’s more, because Kobold filter bags are hygienically sealed, they can be removed and disposed of without any mess, and they leave the air in your home cleaner and smelling fresher too, with built-in anti-odour absorbents and the optional addition of fragrance chips. They’re also the world‘s first filter bag made of recycled materials (80% old bikinis and recycled plastic bottles), so they’re sustainable too!

Allergen filters and filtration

If you’re looking for an asthma- or allergy-friendly solution to cleaning your home, then you’ll need to carefully consider the quality of the vacuum filtration system. Many bagless and stick vacuum cleaners have foam, cartridge, or cloth filters that aren’t capable of capturing small micron-sized allergens. Some models feature HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that perform better for this task but can still expose you to allergens when you remove the dust cartridge for cleaning.

Kobold’s three-filtration system technology and premium four-layer filter bags are hygienically sealed to minimise contact with collected dirt and dust and capture up to 99.99% of allergens. This level of cleaning hygiene has earned Kobold TÜV-Nord certification, making it the best stick vacuum cleaner for those with allergies, asthma and pets.

Space saving

Whether you live in a small unit or a large family home, the compact, upright design of cordless stick vacuums makes them a good space-saving option and much more convenient to store compared to bulkier, canister or barrel vacuum cleaners.

With its ultra-sleek minimalist design, you can confidently and even proudly leave the Kobold cordless stick vacuum cleaner in the upright parked position anywhere in your home without it cluttering your space. It’s ideal if you vacuum often or have limited storage space, and the removable battery also means there’s no need for installing a fixed docking or charging station.

Minimal noise

Anything over 80dB is considered loud. The quieter the motor, the better for your ears, your family and your neighbours too. A quieter stick vacuum gives you more freedom to clean any time of day. 

Kobold’s award-winning stick vacuum (VK7) is the quietest cordless vacuum ever, emitting an all-time low 78 DB on carpet and 79 DB on hard floors. 

Optimal user experience

It’s not just the lightweight and ergonomic design that makes the best stick vacuum cleaners. They need to optimise your user experience too, putting you in control by making it easy to understand and use all the available functions. No use having all the bells and whistles if they’re too hard to operate.

We’ve got an app for that! The Kobold VK7 uses Bluetooth to connect to a personalised app, putting all the need-to-know info at your fingertips, allowing you to pre-set your preferences and keeping you up to date with reminders when it’s time to order new accessories. And while you’re cleaning, the user-friendly LED display gives you a clear visual on power level settings, battery charge and filter bag status.

‘Best of the Best’ cordless stick vacuum

Ranking among the top stick vacuums, Kobold VK7 won ‘Best of the Best’ for ground-breaking design in the 2023 Red Dot Awards, as well as receiving the highly prestigious German Innovation Award and the ‘Test Winner’ title from the German consumer institute Stiftung Warentest.

Get your hands on this award-winning stick vacuum – the cleaning dream team for every home.

Get to know Kobold some more

How do you use a stick vacuum?

Lucky for you, cordless stick vacuums make cleaning a breeze, and Kobold’s award-winning stick vacuum design has made even the hardest of cleaning jobs beautifully simple. It starts by following these few easy steps:  

  1. Press the circular green button at the top of the stick vacuum handle to switch on.  
  2. Start vacuuming your floors in an up-and-down motion, around and in between furniture. The vacuum can be parked in an upright position by simply pushing the handle forwards until it clicks into place.  
  3. Press the +/- buttons next to the green on/off button to manually turn the suction power and brush speed up or down (select from four power levels). If you’re using Levels 1 or 2, your vacuum will automatically adjust the suction and brush speed to the type of floor you are cleaning.
  4. Hit the boost button at the back of the handle to pick up larger fragments on floors, such as bits of broken biscuit, pasta fragments, or kids’ lollies (anything up to 1cm in size).

Cleaning modes and suction power

Kobold combines the best stick vacuum suction power with a user-friendly integrated LED display that indicates the level of suction in use and +/- buttons at your fingertips so you can easily turn the level up or down with one touch.

In AUTO mode (Levels 1 and 2), Kobold automatically adjusts the suction power and brush speed, allowing you to seamlessly clean different floor types. And once you’ve got to know your Kobold, you can easily set up your cleaning setting preferences for your home using the Bluetooth-connected MyKobold app.

Pause at any time if you get interrupted by phone calls, cooking or kids, and continue where you left off with the same power suction.

Not three but four levels of suction power, plus Power Boost!

Level 1: Auto mode/default - Standard power for lightweight rugs and average dust and dirt

Level 2: Auto mode - Strong power for heavier amounts of dust and dirt

Level 3: Maximum power on hard floors for more intensive cleaning

Level 4: Maximum power on carpets for more intensive cleaning

Power Boost: Turbo suction power at the touch of a button to clean highly soiled surfaces, with the option to open the front lip for picking up larger messes like bits of dropped biscuits, pasta and lollies.

Care tips and maintenance

Engineered and built to last by the trusted house of Vorwerk, the smart-connected Kobold VK7 is practically maintenance-free. And to help you get the best performance and extra-long life from your cordless stick vacuum, Kobold keeps you up to date with helpful tips and reminders.

The integrated, user-friendly LED display gives you clear visibility on the power setting, battery charge, water tank and filter bag levels while you clean, as well as warnings, errors and blockages so you can give them timely attention and get on with cleaning.

Handy push notifications from the MyKobold app also make it easy to remember and keep on top of accessory changes and checks, such as cleaning the motor protection filter and cleaning and replacing the brushes when they’re worn out.

For more care tips, and info on how to use your Kobold cordless stick vacuum cleaner, watch the video below.


Getting started with your Kobold stick vacuum

Stick vacuum cleaner attachments

As with every hero, there is a sidekick, and with the best stick vacuum cleaners comes a range of vacuum attachments to enhance your cleaning even further. Equipping yourself with the right vacuum accessories gets any cleaning job done, no sweat, even in the hardest-to-reach places. 

The cleaning dream team of click-on attachments for the Kobold cordless Stick vacuum include:

How do you empty a stick vacuum?

Traditionally, cordless stick vacuums will have a dust bin canister that should be emptied after almost every use. This dust bin is emptied by releasing the canister’s opening over a bin, allowing all the collected debris to fall in. However, this often creates a dust cloud re-releasing dirt and dust that leaves a mess and can trigger asthma and allergies. 

The Kobold VK7 is TÜV-Nord certified as suitable for allergies so you can breathe easy! The four-layer premium filter bags are hygienically sealed to safely minimise exposure to allergens when emptying your stick vacuum.  

The Kobold cordless vacuum comes with one filter bag already fitted, ready to clean, plus a pack of five additional bags, each with a 0.8L capacity, giving you an average of 6-8 weeks of vacuuming from one bag.** 

To change the filter bag:  

  1. Your VK7 cordless stick vacuum cleaner must be switched off and placed in the park position or carefully laid flat on the floor before changing the filter bag.  

  1. Open the filter release leaver at the front of your vacuum and pull the filter cover upwards to remove it. 

  1. Fold the closure flap at the base of the filter bag forwards and hold it as you pull the bag out of its holder.  

  1. To avoid contact with dust, simply close the hygiene seal by folding the closure flap over and insert it into the opening on the filter bag, then dispose of the sealed bag in your bin with no mess and no sneezes! 

  1. Place a new filter bag into the filter compartment, ensuring the retaining plate is inserted at an angle and tilt the filter bag onto the suction socket. 

  1. Make sure the filter bag is fitted fully inside the filter compartment and sits completely flush before closing the filter door. 

Changing the filter bag

How do you charge a stick vacuum?

Cordless stick vacuums are powered by a rechargeable battery that can be typically charged via a docking station or a charger plugged directly into the vacuum cleaner. Most cordless vacuum cleaners (depending on the mode) will have an average runtime of 20-30 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Kobold is top of the stick vacuum class for battery power! Its powerful lithium-ion battery features 8 high-performing battery cells with the highest voltage of any rechargeable stick vacuum* and self-cooling tech to extend its cleaning performance up to 60 minutes, giving you optimal cleaning power right down to the last second of charge for up to 1,500 charging cycles.

When your battery is ready to be recharged, Kobold gives you the convenience of a second battery included with your new VK7 and the shortest empty-to-full battery charge time of less than 2 hours. And there’s no bulky docking station cluttering your home!

Three charging options for extra convenience:

  • Plug the SC7 Single Charger directly into the vacuum to charge the battery in use. 

  • Charge the spare battery externally using the tabletop CA7 Charging Adaptor.  

  • Charge the battery inside the vacuum as well as the spare, using the wall-mountable PC7 Dual Battery Charger.  

Your Kobold even gives you a friendly smile on the LED display to let you know when the battery is fully charged! The battery doesn’t need to be fully charged every time you clean, but we recommended charging your batteries to 100% at least once a year. 


Whether you’re looking for a cleaning solution for a big spring blitz, your weekly clean, or for quickly cleaning up life’s daily messes, every household can benefit from the power and convenience of Kobold’s award-winning cordless stick vacuum and its dream team of attachments.

Still unsure? Feel free to contact us online, or view our many helpful stick vacuum cleaner guides, tutorial videos, or organise a demo today!

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*The Kobold VK7 (and VB) has the best and highest volt battery on the market. Its 8 high-performing battery cells have been optimised with self-cooling material to extend its cleaning time, delivering top performance right down to the last second of charge and up to 1,500 charging cycles (depending on cleaning conditions and use). Kobold VK7 also outperforms all leading cordless vacuums with the highest airflow (27l/s) and shortest charge time of 1.5 to 2 hours. Runtimes vary, depending on which of Kobold’s high-performing suction-power levels and extra attachments you choose.

^Approximate charge time of 90 minutes to 2 hours. Kobold’s earlier model, the VB100, has a charging time of up to 3 hours, and top stick vacuum competitor brands have a charge time of up to 5 hours.

**Kobold filter bags have a 0.8L capacity and generally need changing every 6 to 8 weeks (that’s equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee a month), based on the average household use.