Why Kobold?


Why Kobold?

Kobold vacuum cleaner benefits

It’s time to take control of your cleaning. Go cordless with our answer to the stick vacuum – the Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum, then level up your game with the 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop attachment.  

Discover the benefits of the Kobold Vacuum Cleaner Range, read our helpful Vacuum Cleaner Guide, or learn more about our history.

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Your time-freeing dream team

Free up more time to enjoy what matters most to you. Vacuum and mop in one effortless sweep, with the ultra-light (2.3kg), more power-packed (2.7ls airflow) and quietest ever* all-in-one cordless – the Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum and 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop Attachment.  

Clip on attachments for every cleaning need, fold the handle, slip on the shoulder strap, and you’re free to swiftly clean any surface and crevice, including your couch, mattress and car.  

A deep hygienic clean you can feel

Taking care of pet hair, 99.99% of the allergen nasties, and extra good care of you, Kobold is top of the cordless stick vacuum class for the most powerful, long-lasting, deep hygienic clean*. Combining the best suction performance with two high-powered rotating brushes and four-layer, fully recycled filter bag technology, the VK7 Cleaning System is certified by TÜV Nord and Sensitive Choice Accredited as suitable for allergy sufferers.  

Kobold hygenic cleaner bag
Kobold cleaning up spilt food

Designed for excellence. Powered to last

The makers of Thermomix® have excelled again, with a best-in-class* cordless stick vacuum that packs the biggest suction power, quietest motor and powerful lithium-ion battery into the ultra-light Kobold VK7. And the list of tech smarts goes on. Four suction levels, plus a boost button for bigger messes. A brush head that rotates 180° to effortlessly clean every corner and speed that automatically adjusts to your floor type. 

Best value on every level

Click on the 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop Attachment and you can clean your hard floors with just over a cup of water and less than a teaspoon of detergent. ^ And because Kobold cleans with extra care on every surface in your home and car, everything lasts longer. You’ll even get that new car feel every time you clean. 

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How do you say 2 in 1 in Italian?

Italians are known for their great taste in food, art and innovation. Vorwerk, the makers of Thermomix®, has been selling Folletto (the name for Kobold in Italy) since 1938. Throughout its long history, Folletto has received many awards including been recognized as a “super brand” by IPSOS. Folletto is well and truly a trusted household name in Italy. In fact, over 1 in every 5 Italian households own a Folletto! That’s over 5.7M Italians! 

Kobold Product Range

One versatile Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum and 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop Attachment bundle and a range of clever attachments makes Kobold the next-level cleaning system for almost every surface of your home, from hard floors to carpets, mattresses to textiles, couches to cars. 

"Had it for about 2 weeks now and am very impressed with everything about it. It feels very sturdy and has great suction whether it's on tiled floors, timber, carpet or rugs. After my morning tidy up it's so quick to flit around the house with it. So much better than the Dyson "Animal' one that I've been using. I can't imagine anyone being sorry they bought it. :) "

Julie O.

Verified buyer

"This vacuum has surpassed my expectations. So easy to use. Love it!!"

Janee M.

Verified buyer

"So happy with the suction from hard floors to carpet and how quiet it is compared to my last three vacuums, one for hard floors one for carpet and another Steam mop. Very impressed with the charge, I can even clean the whole house without having to charge in between or trip over cords while I change from one power point to the next."

Dayna S.

Verified buyer

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I'm in! How do I buy my Kobold?

"I'm loving the Kobold Vacuum Mop, and so are our two senior dogs. They used to hate the vacuum cleaner (we had a big, noisy Dyson) and they both ran out of the room whenever I brought the vacuum out. Now, they don't move a muscle or bat an eyelid. They don't even wake from their slumber! It's a whole lot less hard work too, and a lot more effective than a mop. And, I'm not afraid to say it, I was disgusted by the colour of the cloths after the first clean, and amazed to see our floors a few shades brighter and shinier. The vacuuming and mopping is done in about the same time it was taking me to mop, and I can almost do the whole house on one charge. "

Jo B.

Verified Buyer

"The complete cleaning system has exceeded my expectations. Everything is so easy to use and the outcome is amazing. "

Andrea W.

Verified Buyer

"I have just moved to a new Sydney CBD apartment with hard and carpeted floors. Having never had hard floors, I needed to find something that cleaned all surfaces. The city environment creates more surface dirt, and I am stunned at how this combination makes my floors gleam clean. Changing between the vacuum and mop is so fast, and the mop pad goes straight into the washing machine. There is no complicated need to wash and dry rollers like other mops. This is worth the money, especially as it is a quality German-made and designed product. I must also mention the integration with the My Kobold app, which allows you to see all the machine settings and personalise them to your liking."

David O.

Verified Buyer