Ovana Ovana Outdoor Chef Bundle
Thermomix Outdoor Chef Bundle
Thermomix Outdoor Chef Bundle
Thermomix Outdoor Chef Bundle
Ovana Ovana Outdoor Chef Bundle
Thermomix Outdoor Chef Bundle
Thermomix Outdoor Chef Bundle
Thermomix Outdoor Chef Bundle
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Outdoor Chef Bundle

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Included in this bundle

Ovana Aramid Gloves

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 29 reviews

Ovana Infrared Thermometer

Rated 4.6 out of 5
Based on 21 reviews
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The perfect bundle for the BBQ enthusiasts in your life. Including our Infrared Thermometer and Ovana Aramid Gloves you'll get the green light the very second your food reaches that optimal cooking temperature, whilst keeping your hands protected and in control.

With the infrared thermometer you'll get an instant, accurate reading of the surface temperature on your Ovana pizza baking stone by simply pointing the infrared thermometer gun at the centre of your stone (from a distance of 36cm for a target area of 3cm) and pressing the trigger for at least half a second. It is also so easy to check the temperature of cookies, quiches, roasts and more while cooking in the oven.

Our gloves are made of They’re made of high-quality, extreme heat-resistant aramid fibre – a tough but lightweight synthetic material with a wear, tear and cut resistance that’s stronger than leather. We also had these insulated oven gloves with fingers custom-made for heat resistance up to 500°C (932°F) and rigorously hand-tested by our Recipe Development team.

Key Features

  • Quick, easy and accurate way to measure the temperature of goods
  • Designed to eliminate guesswork when cooking
  • Easily toggle between °C and °F with our Infrared Thermometer
  • Ultra-high-heat-resistant oven gloves for your Ovana pizza oven
  • Gloves are lightweight with individual fingers for control and flexibility
  • Two oven gloves fit both left and right hands

Infrared Thermometer
Max. temp: 550°C / 1022°F
Size: 19cm x 13cm x 6cm

Ovana Aramid Gloves
One size fits most
30cm long

Infrared Thermometer
Take care when cleaning the lens on your infrared thermometer. Blow or brush off loose particles with clean compressed air or a soft brush. To remove stuck-on particles, gently wipe with a damp cloth, avoiding solvent-based lens cleaners or submerging in water. Never point the infrared laser directly or indirectly at eyes and when you’re not using the thermometer gun, place it a safe distance from the high heat of your Ovana oven.

Ovana Aramid Gloves
Your heat-resistant oven gloves can go straight into your washing machine for easy cleaning, or you can wash them by hand.   

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