TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
TheMix Shop School Lunch Baking Bundle
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School Lunch Baking Bundle

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Included in this bundle

Silicone Snack Bar Moulds

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 128 reviews

Rose Gold Mini Muffin Tray

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 74 reviews

Silicone Mini Loaf Pan - Steel Frame

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 111 reviews
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Make gorgeous, homemade snacks for your kids' packed lunches with our school lunch baking bundle. Including our Silicone Snack Bar Moulds, Rose Gold Mini Muffin Tray and Silicone Mini Loaf Pan you'll be baking muesli bars, mini cakes, fudge or mini muffins ready to go for your children's (or your own) packed lunch. 

Our silicone snack bar mould is that little bit wider for making perfectly portioned healthy treats from scratch. It’s a family fave for making snacks for kids’ lunchboxes, as it doubles as a mini cake pan. And it’s a big hit with wellness warriors getting into making their own granola bars and freezing raw protein energy bars ready to grab and go.

The heavy-weight carbon steel mini muffin tray comes with our gold standard non-toxic, non-stick coating, so your bakes turn out evenly cooked and release with no fuss or messy residue. You’ll never need to sweat over scrubbing 24 teeny tiny cups! 

Sweet or savoury. Muffins, cupcakes or tartlets. Lunchboxes, bring a plate parties or 3 o’clock slump snacks. Our mini muffin baking pan makes the best full-sized treats for toddlers (freeze some for later) and 24 bite-sized crowd-pleasers for the rest of the family. The biggest favourites from our Recipe Development team are mini cheese scones and mini strawberry tarts. They’re every little bit yum! 

And our silicone mini loaf pan gives you the best of both miniature bakeware worlds! Flexible, food-safe silicone with a steel-reinforced frame and handles make it much more stable than your regular wobbly silicone mould, so you can safely transfer your batter-filled pan into the oven without any spills. And you’ll love the way it effortlessly releases the cutest, evenly baked, perfectly formed mini loaves every time. 

Key Features

  • Make muesli bars yourself, know what they contain and what goes into your body
  • For healthy homemade granola bars, energy bars and raw treats
  • Ideal for kids’ lunchboxes
  • Thermomix Rose Gold non-stick and flexible silicone surface easily releases your bakes
  • 24 cup mini muffin tray makes enough for the whole family
  • The cutest, evenly baked, perfectly formed mini loaves every time

Silicone Snack Bar Moulds
Total mould dimensions: Width: 29.5cm, Length: 12.5cm, Depth: 1.5cm.
6 sections each measuring: Width: 3.5cm, Length: 10cm, Depth: 1.5cm

Mini Muffin Tray
Height: 2.5cm
Width: 26cm
Length: 38cm
Cup Diameter: 4cm
Cup Depth: 2cm

Silicone Mini Loaf Pan
Height: 2.6cm
Width: 24.5cm
Length: 32.5cm
Loaf mould width: 4.5cm
Loaf mould height: 9cm
Loaf mould depth: 2.5cm  

Silicone Snack Bar Moulds
Our silicone snack bar mould and mini cake pan is safe to go in your freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Avoid exposure to direct heat, like under grills, on stove tops or on barbecues.

Mini Muffin Tray
Our Thermomix Rose Gold non-stick surface isn’t suitable for your dishwasher, but our gold standard non-stick quality makes it super easy to clean. We recommend washing the pan in hot soapy water with a soft cloth. Some surface discolouration may occur with use over time.

Silicone Mini Loaf Pan
Pop your silicone mini loaf pan face-down in the top drawer of your dishwasher and store flat in your kitchen drawer. Removing baked-on batter only requires a quick wash by hand, so you can avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners and metal utensils that can damage the mini loaf silicone mould. Keep away from direct heat such as hotplates or naked flames.

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