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Back to Basics - Save money with these pantry staples

There’s nothing like good, wholesome food cooked from scratch. Here are some tips on how you can create pantry staples to save yourself running to the shops.
Back to Basics - Save money with these pantry staples

There’s nothing like good, wholesome food cooked from scratch. As we collectively start moving back into our normal lifestyles (heading out to dinners, travelling interstate, driving back to the office, kids pick up) we’ll be finding that we have less time to run to the shops, and on top of that, have less money to spend on the things we need to keep our kitchens stocked. Instead of having to spend that extra penny on fridge and pantry staples and to avoid the queue, just make it from scratch. The best part is, you know exactly what’s going into your food, so you can feel reassured that it has no nasties or preservatives!

Breakfast basics

Give your gut some lovin’ with homemade cultured yoghurt. Dairy or non-dairy, you can do both in your Thermomix. Make this part of your weekly routine and store in your fridge in mason jars.


Coconut Yoghurt (vegan)

Feeling fancy? Whip up a batch of Toasted Muesli or Bircher muesli to serve with your homemade yoghurt. No one will be skipping brekky this week…


Fakeaway favs

A good tomato paste is the base for all sorts of classics including a timeless favourite – pizza! First, make a big batch of tomato paste and freeze portions to keep on hand (we recommend using our silicone freezer pods). Our Pizza Dough is the stuff of legends so have a go at making your own, fresh pizza bases.

Pizza Base

Use your paste on the pizza base and top with cheese, olives, or anything else on hand in the fridge…

Love a good curry? From Thai to Tandoori, there are so many interesting pastes that you can make from scratch. Again, these pastes are best stored in silicone freezer pods so that you can rotate recipes.

Thai Green Curry Paste

Thai Red Curry Paste

Tandoori Paste


We’re nuts for nut butter!

The best bit about making your own nut butters from scratch is that you get to customise your own flavours. You also get to make sure that the ingredients are completely to your standards (organic nuts if you prefer, no palm oil or hidden sugar). Make a few of these combinations and keep in the pantry for spreading on toast, mixing through smoothies, or as a base for vegan baking…

Nut & Seed


Classic Peanut

Creamy Cashew



Butter up!

Making butter is a bit of a lost art, but it’s actually pretty easy with your Thermomix. Many of our savvy Consultants and customers know to stock up on cream when it’s discounted because nothing beats the taste of homemade in this category! Buttermilk is the natural by-product of making butter, and it makes a beautiful addition to all sorts of recipes, especially baking…

First, make your butter and buttermilk using this Butter recipe.


600 g pure cream

500 g chilled water



  • Insert butterfly whisk. Place pure cream into mixing bowl and beat 1-3 min/speed 4, or until solids and liquids have separated. Remove butterfly whisk.
  • Using the simmering basket, strain liquids from solids, reserving buttermilk for later use, if desired.
  • Place water and butter solids into mixing bowl and mix 5-10 sec/speed 4. Liquids and solids should separate again.
  • Using the simmering basket strain liquids from solids a second time, so that only butter remains. Use as needed.

Then, it’s play time. Here’s a few of our favourite recipes to use up that liquid gold, the leftover buttermilk you get when you make butter.

Buttermilk Bread

Buttermilk Scones (serve with your homemade butter!)

Buttermilk Corn Cakes


Explore more Cookidoo Buttermilk recipes here.

Tips for storing your butter.

Introducing TheMix Shop’s Butter Bell. If you love making homemade butter or are tired of having hard butter straight from the fridge you will love this clever device. Just fill with room temperature butter, add some water to the base and voila – perfectly spreadable butter for weeks! Get yours today at TheMix Shop.