Lunch is in the bag

Lunch is in the bag

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back to school and parents are working hard to fill lunchboxes with delicious and nutritious options. Trying to pack an interesting school lunchbox day in, day out is the bane of many parents’ life. But having a Thermomix® makes the task so much easier – all you need is a few simple recipe ideas up your sleeve.  

Clinical Nutritionist, Jess Clayden, recommends aiming for the trifecta of fibre, protein and fat when pulling together a packed lunch. Below she’s shared some of her top recommendations for each food group.


Let’s be honest, the carbohydrate portion of the lunchbox is usually the most popular. Where possible choose whole grains and gluten free grains (and flours) like wholemeal, spelt, buckwheat, oats and quinoa to help your little one get all the energy they need without the carb crash. You’ll also load up on fibre by including as many brightly coloured fruits and vegetables as you can manage. Pairing these with a delicious dip often helps them get eaten!


Adding some healthy fats into lunchboxes will help to stabilise energy levels along with providing some much-needed brain fuel! Avocado, eggs, cheese, yoghurt and homemade dips like hummus are great sources. While nuts usually aren’t allowed in lunchboxes, they make a great after school snack.


Many lunchboxes are lacking in protein (it’s tricky to keep cool and many kids go through a ‘no meat’ phase at some stage). However, protein is important for keeping energy levels nice and level throughout the day. Some ideas include hardboiled eggs (if your school allows), canned tuna or salmon, ham, edamame beans, tofu, yoghurt or chia puddings. Legume based dips like hummus and this White bean dip also helps to up the protein count.

Read on for our top picks that are great for school lunchboxes. We’ve also thrown in some ideas for adult lunches and for those 3pm snack attacks too!

Grab and go lunch recipes

The whole family will enjoy these options, which can be made ahead and popped into your lunch bag before you run out the door.

Pair with our Brown lunch bag or Collapsible lunchbox and you have the perfect grab and go meal!

Smart snacks

With your Thermomix, you can easily create café-worthy snacks at home often at a fraction of the price, and without some of the additive and preservatives found in packaged snacks. 

Check out our range of accessories in TheMix Shop, like our Rose gold jumbo muffin tray and Silicone snack bar moulds, to help you make café-style creations.

For more recipe inspiration and smart savings, download our free guides here which not only cover lunchbox ideas, but 30-minute meals, weekly staples for less and more!