TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
TheMix Shop Varoma Bundt Tin Bundle
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Varoma® Bundt Tin Bundle

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Why settle for just one when you can enjoy the versatility and elegance of both Rose Gold Varoma® Bundt Tins? This bundle includes both the 2L and 1.2L  tins and saves you money in the process. 

Our Varoma® Bundt Tin is time-saving gold! We’re talking double the cooking in half the time. Think family-sized serves of Thermomix® steamed rice done to perfection in your Varoma® Bundt Tin, over melt-in-the-mouth curry cooked in your Thermomix®. Yes cook your rice at the same time as your curry, all in under 40 minutes. Make mouth-watering dishes that will feed the family, from curries to sticky pork belly and let's not forget dessert That’s your mid-week fakeaway delivered faster (cheaper and healthier) than your local takeaway, with minimal energy use and washing up.

And it’s so much more than curry in a hurry. Now you can turn on the steam and cook a main dish and rice at the same time in your Thermomix®, Varoma® and Bundt Tin. Creamy chicken curry. Chilli with corn bread. Lamb biriyani. A big serve of your family favourites, with rice, cooked in a trice.

You can have your cake and eat it too! Pop in and turn out the fluffiest cakes and moistest steamed puddings with the zestiest orange and lemon flavours and richest coffee and chocolate hits. Oh, and steam is the dream for low-fat-big-taste treats – with all that moisture you can reduce the amount of butter and oil.

It’s oven, fridge and freezer safe too, so you can mix it up with baked, chilled and frozen desserts.

For this multi-task master, we sourced the highest quality aluminium and added our signature rose gold non-stick coating to give you optimum heat distribution, easy release (with just a little oil for greasing) and consistently impressive results.

The 1.2L small bundt tin fits in the Varoma® with the Varoma® Tray, adding yet another layer for steaming. The larger size has a whopping 2L capacity and fills the whole Varoma®, so you’ll need to remove the tray to cook up a big bundt tin of Thermomix® steamed rice with your main.

Key Features

  • This bundle includes both the 1.2L and 2L Varoma® Bundt Tins
  • Curry and rice cooked and ready at the same time
  • Made to fit Thermomix® Varoma® for steaming
  • High-quality aluminium for even heat distribution
  • Signature rose gold non-stick coating for easy un-moulding
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Oven-safe bundt cake tin (up to 230°C)
  • Small bundt tin fits under the Varoma® Tray for an extra layer of cooking
  • Large bundt tin cooks up to 500g of Thermomix® steamed rice
  • Fridge and freezer safe for chilled and frozen desserts

How do you cook rice in a Thermomix® with a Varoma® Bundt Tin?

Step 1: Measure and rinse

Weigh your rice or grains in the Thermomix® Simmering Basket. The 1.2L small bundt tin can steam up to 300 g, while the 2L large bundt can steam up to 500 g.

For best results, rinse all rice and grains thoroughly before cooking.

Step 2: Fill bundt tin and flavour

Lay rinsed, uncooked rice or grains in the base of your Varoma® Bundt Tin and add water (quantities vary depending on type of grain and amount you’re cooking). See table below for details. You can also choose to add oil, ghee, coconut cream or coconut milk to make up the total quantity of liquid. 

Flavour your rice or grains with fresh herbs or spices. Try mustard seeds, cardamom pods, curry leaves, sliced ginger, rehydrated dried mushrooms, or simply a slice of lemon.

Step 3: Fill Thermomix Bowl

Add 500 g of liquid to your Thermomix® Bowl for every 30 minutes of steaming at Varoma® temperature. Be mindful that liquids evaporate faster at this temperature, so you might need to add more liquid as needed (unless directed by the recipe). 

Step 4: Steam

Select the cooking time (see table below for guides). Times may vary slightly depending on age or brand of rice/grains. Thicker sauces, such as stews and curries, may produce less steam so steaming time may differ slightly. You can reduce the cooking time by adding boiling water to the Varoma Bundt Tin at step 2. Turn the temperature dial to maximum to activate the Varoma® steaming function.

Step 5: Remove and fluff

Take extra care when removing the Varoma® from your Thermomix® as the escaping steam will be hot. Use a fork to fluff your rice/grains to perfection. Or, for extra fluffy results, leave your bundt tin inside the Varoma® with the lid on and set aside for a few minutes to continue cooking. Carefully remove the Varoma® lid and lift out the bundt tin using oven gloves or mitts. 

Step 6: Turn out and serve

For cooked rice and couscous, place a large plate over your Varoma® Bundt Tin and use oven gloves or mitts to carefully turn the Bundt Tin upside down. Gently lift the tin to release your cooked rice. 

You’ll need to drain grains like freekeh after cooking. Simply empty your bundt tin into the Varoma® to drain thoroughly and serve.

Cooking guide

Type of rice/grain 

Ratio - Grain/Rice: Water

QTY grain  

Liquid in the bundt tin 

Cooking time 

White basmati rice


200 g 

200g cold water

30 mins 


Brown basmati rice


200 g 

400 g cold water

30 mins 

Long grain rice

1:1 ½      

200 g 

300 g cold water

25 mins 

Jasmine rice 

1:1 ½      

200 g 

300 g cold water

23 mins 

Whole freekeh


200 g 

400 g boiling water  

45 mins 

Cracked freekah


200 g 

400 g boiling water 

30 mins 

Pearl couscous 


300 g 

300 g boiling water 

7 min 



200 g 

200 g boiling water 

15 mins 

Grease the Varoma® Bundt Tin with a little oil or butter, fill with cake mix to about 2/3 full and tap the tin on your kitchen bench a few times to remove any air bubbles. You’ll find plenty of recipe inspo on Cookidoo® to take you through the steaming process step-by-step with your Thermomix®, Varoma® and Bundt Tin. Once cooked, leave your cake to stand in the tin for 10 minutes, then run a small, silicone spatula around the edges before turning upside down and giving it a gentle shake to release.

Like all Rose Gold non-stick goodness, your Varoma® Bundt Tin is dishwasher safe. But we recommend handwashing in mild soapy water with a soft cloth, drying thoroughly with a tea towel and storing upside down to keep your bundt looking its best. Avoid any metal utensils, abrasive sponges and harsh detergents that can compromise the non-stick coating. Some surface discolouration may occur with use over time.

1.2L Small Bundt Tin
Outer diameter – 21cm 
Height – 5.7cm 
Hole diameter – 3.8cm 
Capacity – 1.2L

2L Large Bundt Tin
Outer diameter – 23cm 
Height – 7.5cm 
Hole diameter – 3cm 
Capacity – 2L 

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