What to do with an abundance of mangoes

What to do with an abundance of mangoes

Having a mangonificent summer!

Mangoes are in abundance this summer and we’ve certainly been making the most of their sweet taste (and low cost). Whilst packed with vitamin C and other nutritional benefits, mangoes are also a versatile ingredient that lends itself well to both sweet and savoury dishes. It's tropical flavour pairs nicely with lime, chilli, coconut, white chocolate, seafood (and the list goes on).

Here’s what we’ve been cooking with mango this summer season:


Want to eat mango for breakfast all year round? Buy them whilst they’re in season, peel, cut into cubes and keep in the freezer for up to 6 months. This is a great idea if you love a smoothie and you will save heaps of money on buying supermarket frozen mango later in the year!



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Back to its roots - a touch of Asia

Mango originates from Asia, so it’s no wonder it lends itself so well to chilli, coriander and spice. You’ll find most of these recipes and more in our Flavours of India or Around Asia cookbook.

You can find more great Asian flavours using mango on Recipe Community like this Mango green fish curry. Import this recipe (and others that you love) to your own Cookidoo® account using Created Recipes and then you can make anytime using Guided Cooking on your TM6 (plus you can add any other ingredients, tips or steps to make this recipe your own).



For dessert, you want mango to be at its ripest and sweetest. Did you know you can’t detect a mango’s ripeness through colour alone, instead look out for the sweet fragrance, soft feel and a delicious juiciness as you slice.


Ice cream

Mango and frozen treats are a truly refreshing pairing and perfect for summer! Try one of these ice cream recipes and shop for ice cream tubs and popsicle moulds on TheMix Shop.

You can read more tips on making the best, creamiest ice cream in Thermomix® here.


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