Top 6 French Pastry recipes to try in 2023

Top 6 French Pastry recipes to try in 2023

When it comes to making French pastry, your first thought is that it’s probably too hard! But with your Thermomix® and our top 6 French pastry recipes, you won’t be able to say “non” and your kitchen will turn into your very own French patisserie! With flour, water, butter and your Thermomix®, you’ll create pastry magic!

Here are our top 6 French pastry recipes you must know!

1. Canelé

From that first crunchy bite of the crispy caramelised crust, sinking into the fluffy custardy middle, you’ll fall in love with this French pastry! Whether it’s chocolate, vanilla or gluten free, you won’t be disappointed! You can even experiment with savouryt flavours like Ham and cheese!

Although famously fiddly to master, we’ve made the fine French art of the artisan canelés so much simpler. We sourced the best quality carbon steel and canelé mould design and added our signature rose gold non-stick coating to create the NEW Canelé mould from TheMix Shop.

2. Croissants

Whether this puff pastry is enjoyed plain, topped with almonds, filled with chocolate or paired with a steaming cup of coffee, the croissant pastry is a flaky and buttery masterpiece! For best results use a high protein flour (with 13-15% potein) for maximum puff and crunch! 



3. Baguette

Trade in your Sunday morning bakery run for a DIY in your own kitchen! With a touch of flour, water and Thermomix® magic, you can fill your home with that smell of freshly baked bread we all love so much! And, if you’re having guests over you can make two perfect French baguettes with our Rose gold Baguette tray


4. Madeleines 

Imagine a small shell-shaped cake with a soft and spongy texture and slight crispness on the edge. And when made right, they’re lighter than air! A Madeleine is the perfect afternoon treat to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. And with your Thermomix® and our Rose gold Madeleine tray, making them will be super easy. For an extra hint of flavour, add a couple of drops of rosewater to your Madeleine recipe or try ours here



5. Mille-feuille

This French pastry is a work of patience and layering with puff pastry and creamy fillings stacked and repeated to create a work of art. Think vanilla slice but more decorative and multiple layers! Add a sprinkle of icing sugar and raspberries to top – it’s simple, elegant and your first bite will be a taste of heaven! If you’re not convinced, you’ll want to try our Chocolate custard mille-feuilles!  



6. Vol-au-vents

If your sweet tooth has had its fill and you’re craving something salty, you’ll want to try the Vol-au-vent recipe. These bite-sized canapes feature a light puff pastry case stuffed with chicken, creamy mushrooms and cheese. One bite is all it’ll take to satisfy that salt craving!  



So, roll up your sleeves, channel your inner pastry chef and let your Thermomix® be the secret ingredient to perfecting these delicious French pastries! You can find everything you need to get you started from TheMix Shop.

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Bon Appetit!