Have a spud-tacular Christmas

Find the best crowd-pleasing potato recipes to add to your Christmas table this festive season! Our Thermomix® Christmas recipes include classic potato salads, potato gratin dauphinois, smashed roast potatoes and more!
Have a spud-tacular Christmas

With our new Blade Cover and Peeler accessory now available for sale on TheMix Shop, we’re singing our praises of the spud-tacular vegetable from the rooftops. 

There’s no Christmas spread complete without your favourite potato dish. And there are so many wonderful varieties out there, you could practically eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, in the making of this blog, we have been! 

Here’s a rundown of our top recipes to make your Christmas spread extra special, matched to the perfect potato variety. 


Desiree potatoes

This is one of the more common varieties found at your supermarket, so you should have no problem picking up a bag for Christmas. They’re the perfect all-rounder, being neither too floury nor waxyOur favourite recipes include: 

  • Gratin dauphinoisThis fancy potato bake-style dish is quick, easy and pairs well with your roasted or grilled meats.
  • PlackiA delicious Polish potato pancake you can serve sweet or savoury for a special brunch.
  • Potato 'pizza'For a tasty and fun finger food option, give these ‘pizzas’ a go. Great for Boxing Day too! 


White (Nadine) potatoes  

This potato variety is oval in shape and has a waxy, firm flesh which holds its shape well, making these spuds perfect for boiling and using in salads. Try them in: 


Royal blue potatoes  

Another all-rounder, with purple skin and yellow flesh which makes a great mash, excellent roasties and crunchy chips. We particularly love these recipes: 

  • Smashed roasted potatoes with rosemary salt Take your roasties up a notch with these tasty, crispy morsels. The rosemary salt can be made in advance as well, so you can prep ahead. 
  • ColcannonIf you’re a mashed potato fan, give this recipe a go. It’s creamy, flavourful and can be made in a flash. 
  • Duchess potatoes This recipe creates a unique and striking side dish that looks great on your Christmas table. Our Duchess potatoes pair well with roast meats, sausages, and grilled steak. 


Ruby potatoes 

This variety can also be easily found at the supermarket and easily spotted with its ruby red skin. These potatoes are great for: 

  • Ala hodi For something special and spicy, try this warm potato curry recipe that’s ready in 40 minutes.
  • Warm wasabi potato saladAnother potato salad with a twist! With unique flavours, crunchy cucumber, and zingy wasabi it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


Kipfler potatoes 

A small to medium sized potato, which has a creamy texture and buttery taste when cooked. We love this variety for our ultimate entertaining recipes, such as:  


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