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Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L
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Ceramic Fermentation Crock 3L

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It’s so easy to transform simple, natural, plant-based ingredients into a deliciously tangy health-boosting side dish, or even a showstopping centrepiece, with our ceramic fermentation crock pot and your Themomix. Together, they’re the perfect sidekicks for making your own kickass kimchi and kombucha, sourdough starter and sauerkraut. And once you’ve nailed the basics, you can explore more creative ways to get healthy, natural probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes into your daily diet at a fraction of the cost of store-bought fermented foods. With zero waste!

Lacto-fermentation is a centuries-old process of preserving food that locks in all the natural goodness for maintaining a healthy gut, from beneficial enzymes and B vitamins to omega-3 fatty acids and a whole bunch of good bacteria. So we’ve kept our ceramic fermentation crock pot true to tradition, with two weights and a water seal to maintain a controlled environment for your creations to naturally bubble away and achieve the best results. 

No need to keep it in the dark, the heavy-duty ceramic fermentation pot protects your creations so you can place it anywhere as long as it’s away from direct sunlight. Grab a pencil to write the date you started fermenting on the lid and wipe it off in a week or two when you’re ready to bottle your batch and pop it in your pantry or fridge, where it will keep for 3 to 6 months.

Whether you’re a fermentation first-timer or a scoby-growing pro, let your Thermomix and our fermentation crock make it easier (and cheaper) to enjoy all the benefits of better gut health. And get inspired by the innovative chefs, cooks and foodie influencers who are taking the humble vegetable to the next level and making it the star of the show with creative fermented and pickled dishes.

Your fermentation crock pot comes with full instructions and recipes to inspire you, including our delicious Red Cabbage and Apple Sauerkraut.

Key Features

  • Yes, you can make perfect pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, vinegars and home!
  • The fun, easy, low-cost and zero-waste way to boost your gut health and wellness
  • Locks in vitamins and the natural goodness of probiotics and enzymes
  • Creates the perfect environment to grow your own live cultures, like sourdough starters
  • 2 ceramic weights keep veggies fully submerged and compressed for perfect results
  • 3 litre capacity is the ideal size for your Thermomix, shredded cabbage 💁‍♀️
  • The clever water seal releases carbon dioxide that naturally occurs during fermentation, without letting in oxygen
  • A natural ceramic fermentation crock that’s food-safe, leakproof and fridge and freezer-safe
  • It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Great gift idea for wellness warriors, creative cooks and plant-based foodies
  • Includes detailed instructions and six inspiring recipes to get you started
  • Heaps of guided fermentation recipes available on Cookidoo

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