Your stress-free guide to meal planning

With the help of Thermomix® and Cookidoo® you can make your weekly meal planning easier and stress-free! Discover our top tips on meal planning and find easy meal ideas with our ultimate guide.
Your stress-free guide to meal planning

It’s Monday night, you’ve had a busy day at work or with the kids (or both), and the last thing on your mind is dinner and packing lunches for the next day… Take the stress and guesswork out of your weekly meals with Cookidoo and our top tips to help you plan, organise and shop. Plus, we have handy hacks straight from our expert Consultants on how they meal plan themselves!  


Tip 1: Find some food inspo 

Stress-free meal planning starts with a little prep. Set aside some time to browse recipes and pick dishes for your week ahead. Here’s where our recipe library, Cookidoo, comes in – with thousands of recipes there’s no shortage of inspo and you can save recipes that get your tummy rumbling by creating your own ‘collections’. You can then refer back to your collections, so you always have a bank of recipes on hand each week to make meal planning a breeze. 

Some of our Consultants’ go-to collections include: 

  • Quick dinners under 40 minutes
  • Family favourites
  • Meat-free Monday
  • Easy breakfasts
  • Amazing meals (for impressing guests)


Tip 2: Pick recipes and add to your weekly planner 

Use a planning tool, like Cookidoo’s built-in meal planner, to plot out your week of meals. This will remove the stress when deciding what to cook after work and also ensure you don’t forget which yummy meals you planned to make each day! With Cookidoo you can access your meal planner on Thermomix TM6, so you can simply click on your recipe and start cooking with step-by-step instructions on screen.  

A nifty tip from one of our expert Consultants is to create a meal plan at the start of the week and pop the ingredients for each recipe into boxes, so you can easily grab and get cooking. It’s like your own DIY meal kit!   


Tip 3: Make a list 

So, you’ve found some delicious recipe inspo and added them to your meal planner, the next step is to write your shopping list. Be sure to check your pantry and fridge for ingredients you already have on hand, to save on food waste and money.  

With the shopping list tool on Cookidoo, you can easily add your recipe to your shopping list, and further add or remove ingredients as you need. Accessible on your smartphone, you can take your list to the store and tick off each item as you find it.  


Tip 4: Use smart tech  

Cookidoo and Thermomix TM6 are a smart pairing. You can connect Cookidoo straight to your TM6, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, to access recipes, plan your meals and make them with step-by-step cooking on screen. You can also organise your favourite modes on TM6 for easy access when you need them.  

With the smart, integrated tech offered by Cookidoo and TM6, you can take the stress and guesswork out of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 


Tip 5: Try these recipes 

We couldn’t finish this post without sharing our go-to meals that are quick, tasty and deserve a spot in your created collections. Here’s a round-up from our Consultants and Recipe Development team: 



CADA (fresh muesli) – when we say this is a quick breakfast option, we mean quick. Within a couple of seconds, the powerful Thermomix blades create this yummy and nutritious muesli saving you time in the morning when you’re running out the door. Take it to-go with some coyo. 

Vegetarian sausage roll recipe

Vegetarian sausage rolls – both kids and adults will love these tasty bites in their lunchbox. These vegetarian sausage rolls can be made in a flash and with 24 portions that’s lunch prep sorted!  

San choy bau recipe

San choy bau – this recipe is fresh, flavoursome and on the table in under 30 minutes. A great option for a quick mid-week meal or Friday night ‘fakeaway’.  

Sesame chicken recipe

Sticky sesame chicken – succulent chicken, yummy veggies, and a sticky sauce. This one is sure to be a family favourite! Add it to your ‘Quick dinners under 40 minutes’ collection.  

Prawn saganaki recipe

Prawn saganaki with feta – for something a little bit fancy to share with your family or impress your friends on FaceTime, give this recipe a go. With only 10 minutes of active prep time, this one is a must for your ‘Amazing meals’ collection. 


For more recipes and ideas for dinner, check out the Meals in a Flash collection on Cookidoo for 91 dishes that take 40 minutes or less.  

Our expert Consultants also have lots of recipe inspo to share, as well as meal planning tips to get you cooking smarter, not harder with Thermomix. Chat to your Consultant or click here to book some time with one, online or in person.  

If you’re new to Cookidoo, you can also take advantage of a free 30-day trial so you can discover the meal planning and shopping list tools for yourself and start creating delicious collections.