Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncake recipes and tips!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in Asian communities around the world, and is known as the Moon or Lantern Festival! See how you can celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with our favourite mooncake recipes and more.
Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncake recipes and tips!

People around the world are preparing to celebrate one of Asia’s biggest holidays, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Zhongqiu Jie (中秋节) in Chinese on September 10th 2022.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, various South East Asian countries and Asian communities across the world. Also known as the Moon or Lantern Festival, it symbolises a time to welcome the autumn harvest and full moon. It is a joyous time of family reunions, celebratory parades and importantly, exchange of mooncakes.



Mooncakes are small stuffed pastries that come in many shapes and sizes and hold worldwide popularity particularly in the lead up to the Festival. Most mooncakes have a pastry skin containing a dense, but sweet filling with flavours ranging from durian to truffle and through to red bean paste.

Buying Mooncakes can be a costly experience when purchased from a store, so why not create them yourself in your Thermomix®? By making them yourself you can control the sweetness level, try different combinations and find the perfect mix just for you.

Here are a few of our favourite recipes, showcasing the variety Mooncakes offer:

Helpful Tips when assembling your Mooncakes:

  1. Using gloves will make it much easier for you to handle the ingredients.
  2. If using 50g or 100g moulds, ensure you accurately measure your filling and dough ingredients for the best result.
  3. Make the snow skin dough and filling ahead to allow sufficient time for both to cool so you can construct them easily.
  4. Flour your moulds well to prevent sticking.


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