On breaking stereotypes and new ground like a boss

“Women put in a lot of hard yards, get their heads down, continue with the day-to-day, just getting stuff done because that's what needs to be done. So, it's great to have International Women’s Day where we’re reminded to stand back, give ourselves a pat on the back and actually look at what we’ve achieved.”  
On breaking stereotypes and new ground like a boss

On building a whole new warehouse from scratch.

Caitlin came to Thermomix® in 2013, starting as a picker and packer in the Perth warehouse and moving up the ranks to supervisor and then manager. She’s thrived in what is traditionally a male-dominated industry and is the strong and steady linchpin who’s transitioned our warehouse operations into the digital age and over to the other side of the country.

“There are no gender-specific roles here at Thermomix®. At times, our warehouse team has been predominantly women. And being a part of that team, and our whole warehouse evolution, has been an incredible experience that’s helped me grow personally.

“For about six months I was running both warehouses in Perth and Melbourne simultaneously, onboarding staff and setting up a digital map of the whole warehouse. Now that’s all up and running, I’m getting stuck into my new role as Supply Chain Manager, building relationships with suppliers and freight workers, constantly learning and looking for ways we can make our processes more efficient.”

A leader’s trust and faith make all the difference.

“I didn’t have a great deal of confidence when I came to Thermomix®, but I’ve been very lucky to have a supportive manager like Murray who believed in me, pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, and had faith in me to do the right thing. Putting that trust in me gave me greater belief in myself to go on and take more opportunities.”

Building the teamwork that really makes the dream work.

“Success to me is more about a whole team being successful. I don't feel like success is determined by a single person. It’s seeing a whole team motivated and driven to achieve a common goal.

“Coming into Christmas, we see a huge influx of orders and we really have to band together as a team to get those orders out and under people's Christmas trees before the Australia Post cut-off. Every year, I’m so proud of how our whole team can pull together and achieve something that seems unachievable!”

On just getting out there and getting the job done like a boss.

“I’m a firm believer that it shouldn’t and doesn't matter what people think of you, you just need to get out there and get the job done. I actually find Kim Kardashian quite inspiring. She's built a $1.5 billion business out of her name and her brand. Everyone is so quick to criticise her … but she's still just gone out there and made something of herself.”


Which Thermomix® function best describes you?

I'd say the fermentation mode. I'm not the quickest mode out there. But if you give me enough time, you'll see the results you're after.

What's your no.1 Thermomix® recipe recommendation?

I'm loving the Mongolian Lamb Hotpot. It's not a huge amount of ingredients, it's so simple to make and tastes amazing. So little input with maximum flavour output.