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Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook
Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook

Thermomix TM6 with Bonus Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook

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Whether itʼs camping, caravanning, a beach house get-away or a backyard barbie, whatever your summer plans, itʼll be sweeter and simpler with Thermomix. To make it even easier to cook up a storm wherever you are, weʼre gifting you a Thermomix Heavy Duty Carry Bag so your TM6 can always come with you, as well as a copy of our Barbecue cookbook (valued at $170) with your Thermomix TM6 purchase in January 2021.

The new Thermomix TM6 model is a smart, connected appliance where you can enjoy step-by-step guided cooking directly on the screen of your Thermomix. Use your touchscreen to control time, temperature and speed using manual mode.

The TM6 has its WiFi connectivity built-in. This connectivity and the large screen enable you to browse Cookidoo, our online recipe library.

The Thermomix TM6 has 20 functions so you can blend, braise, chop, crush, caramelise, heat, knead, grate, grind, juice, mix, mill, mince, puree, weigh, whip, stir, steam, sauté, stew, slow-cook and sous-vide food quicker and easier than ever. 

On the large, colour touchscreen your smart, connected TM6 beautifully displays digital recipes with step-by-step guided cooking. From here you can access, our global recipe library of over 50,000 Thermomix recipes – including over 2,300 Australian recipes – from over 15 countries.

Your Thermomix TM6 comes with a bonus 6-month trial subscription. Annual Cookidoo subscription is AUD$49 – less than $1/week.

To buy a Thermomix or book a Cooking Experience to see it in action, please contact your Consultant or design your Cooking Experience here.

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Key Features

  • Smart, connected appliance with WiFi connectivity built-in
  • Step-by-step guided cooking on 15.2cm x 20.3cm touch screen
  • Browse over 50,000 plus recipes on Cookidoo on touch screen
  • Integrated scales accurate to 1g
  • Comes with Varoma, MC, Splash guard, Steaming basket, Spatula
  • Comes with The Basic Cookbook including 120 recipes, pre-programmed into TM6
  • 20 functions including sous vide, slow cooking and fermenting for making yoghurt

All classic functions are still there; mixing, steaming, blending, weighing, stirring, grinding, whisking, emulsifying, simmering, kneading, cooking, chopping. A new feature of the Thermomix TM6 are the following cooking modes:

  • Pre-clean (quick cleaning between dishes)
  • Fermentation (used for yoghurt making and proving dough)
  • Sugar stages (used when making caramel, honeycomb, lollipops etc.)
  • Kettle (used to heat water to precise temperature)
  • Blending (controlled, gradual increase on speeds for soups, sauces, and smoothies)
  • Higher Temp (allows cooking at above 120 degrees, ideal for browning)
  • Sous-vide (for vacuum-packed ingredients cooked in a water bath at optimal temperatures)
  • Slow cook (for stews and casseroles)

More modes will be added in the future.

The guaranteed successful cooking method that takes users through recipes step by step with clear on-screen instructions to achieve perfect results. Temperature and timings are set automatically by the Thermomix, so even sophisticated recipes can be followed with ease by chefs of any skill level.

Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor with 500 W-rated power.
Speed adjustable from 40 to 10,700 rpm.
Special speed setting (alternating mode) for dough preparation.
Electronic motor protection to prevent overload.

Heating system
1,000 W max. power consumption.
Protected against overheating.

High-quality synthetic material.

Mixing bowl
2.2-L stainless steel bowl with integrated heating system and temperature sensor.

Quadcore Processor with 16 GB Flash and 1 GB DDR Ram.

6.8-" brilliant touchscreen.

Connected load: only for 220-240V 50/60 Hz (-1).
Maximum power consumption of 1,500 W.
Cable length 1 m, expandable.

Dimensions and weight (without Varoma)
Height: 34.1 cm
Width: 32.6 cm
Depth: 32.6 cm
Weight: 7.95 kg

Your Thermomix TM6 will also come with The Basic Cookbook, with 120 recipes pre-programmed into the TM6.

Once you have decided to purchase a Thermomix, your Consultant will be there every step of the way.

They will come and help set up your Thermomix at home and get you cooking straight away.

Your Consultant will invite you to cooking classes to expand your knowledge and send you recipes to try. You also gain access to thousands of recipes on our,, customer newsletter and social media channels.

Host a Cooking Experience and see how you can benefit from owning a Thermomix.

Fill in the form here and a friendly Consultant will be in touch with you.

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