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Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
Ceramic Baking Weights
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Ceramic Baking Weights

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Good quality, natural ceramic baking weights like these are worth their weight in gold to novice and pro pastry bakers who bake by hand. So much more effective than rice and beans, they evenly distribute weight and heat to help your pastry hold its shape and turn out perfectly crisp, smooth and evenly cooked (or par-baked) crusts every time for your pies, tarts, quiches and flans.

We carefully sourced an unbleached natural earthen mix of stoneware clay and porcelain for our
ceramic baking weights to ensure they’re 100% food safe, won’t stain, and consistently keep bubbles, puffs and bumps out of your baking.

But perhaps the biggest difference is in the packaging. We’ve thoughtfully packaged them in a natural, unbleached calico bag and cardboard tube to allow them to breathe, air dry and stay fresh in storage. Most pie weights come in air-tight plastic packaging that can leach chemicals and quickly turn your ceramic weights rancid - especially if they pick up oils.

Whether you choose to store yours in the bag, or the tube, it’s much easier for you to keep your weights clean for reuse, again and again. And you stay plastic free too!

For whipping up a special family treat, or making mini-pies for the office, these ceramic baking weights make blind baking a breeze.


Key Features

  • The essential natural accessory for blind baking
  • Evenly distribute heat for perfect pastry – no shrinking sides or air bubbles
  • Made from a natural earthen mix of stoneware clay and porcelain
  • Unbleached natural calico bag allows the weights to breathe and stay fresh
  • No plastic packaging - natural cardboard tube keeps them protected in storage
  • Easy to clean and reuse, again and again

Your ceramic baking weights don’t need to be cleaned regularly, just give them a quick rinse under the tap and pat dry before popping them back in their natural calico bag to store away for next time.

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