Designed for spotless excellence. Powered to last.

The most powerful cordless vacuum, with a long battery life that out-performs and out-lasts every rechargeable vacuum in the cordless class*.

Extra-long-life lithium battery vacuum

Meet the leader of the rechargeable vacuum pack. Kobold is powered by the highest voltage battery of any cordless vacuum* and optimised with self-cooling tech to give you the best cleaning performance, right down to the last second of charge, and extra-long battery life. It also wins best-in-class for the shortest charge time (1.5 to 2 hrs), which gives you up to an hour* of uninterrupted, next-level cleaning with Kobold’s powerful cordless vacuum cleaner and entire cleaning system.

A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner on every level

No matter what level of messy your life makes, Kobold gives you all the convenience of a cordless rechargeable stick vacuum, with the top performance and power of a corded vacuum. Not three, but four levels of suction with an airflow of up to 2.7l/s, plus a boost button for bigger messes like dropped lollies and dog biscuits. Plus, motorised brushes that automatically adjust to your floor type, reaching speeds of up to 480km/hr and rotating 180° for effortless corner cleaning. It’s like the Formula 1 of rechargeable stick vacuums, but with the quietest motor running at a low 78DB!

All the connectivity smarts to keep it simple

With your Kobold VK7 connected to the personalised MyKobold app via Bluetooth®, you’re in control to select and set the suction power that best suits your home and preferences. You’re always up to speed on your filter bag, battery charge and cleaning status with real-time updates from the LED display that’s so user-friendly, it smiles! The app even tells you how many calories you’ve burned and sends reminders when it’s time to order new accessories. And while you’re still getting to know everything your powerful cordless vacuum can do, you’re just a click away from a how-to video on the app.

The best value stick vacuum on every level

When you bring long-lasting quality from the trusted house of Vorwerk to your home, you can expect the best value and efficiency too. More than a cordless vacuum with long battery life, Kobold’s 2-in-1 vacuum and mop can clean your hard floors with just over a cup of water and less than a teaspoon of detergent.^ Even the fully-recycled filter bag doesn’t cost the earth (a cup of coffee per fortnight at most). And because the VK7 cordless vacuum cleaner is powerful yet gentle on all your surfaces, you get a long-lasting good-as-new look and feel every time you clean.

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I'm in! How do I buy my Kobold?

"Omg where do I start. This vacuum is amazing it self glides itself, so easy on the floors. Wish I had this product years ago. Love the way the battery lasts a while too."

Maria F.

Verified buyer


"Don't hesitate just buy it. So easy quiet and light. I love it. I am finding any excuse to use it now. Simply fabulous. Thank you Kobold. Yay"

Michelle N.

Verified buyer


"The Kobold cordless vacuum works so effortlessly, it’s quiet, easy to manoeuvre even when getting under beds and tables. Great value for money and would recommend without hesitation."

Linda C.

Verified buyer


"An amazing machine. Does everything I expected it to do. Easy to operate and store. "

Annie B .

Verified Buyer

"The cordless vacuum VK7 is so light to use, you don't actually push it you just gently guide it over the floor - a huge benefit for anyone with arthritic fingers/hands. It automatically adapts to floor type and does a great job picking up dirt. Battery life is excellent. The vacuum mop attachment SP7 also does a really good job, with no need to separately vacuum before mopping. After mopping, the floor is noticeably cleaner than when a normal mop is used. Overall a great purchase for us! "

Kevin H.

Verified Buyer

"I am obsessed with this vacuum cleaner. I have always had Dyson and was so sick of it losing suction and scratching floors. The Kobold is flawless and has an attachment for any cleaning job imaginable, making cleaning a breeze. "


Verified Buyer

*The Kobold VK7 (and VB) has the best and highest volt battery on the market. Its 8 high-performing battery cells have been optimised with self-cooling material to extend its cleaning time, delivering top performance right down to the last second of charge and up to 1,500 charging cycles (depending on cleaning conditions and use). Kobold VK7 also out-performs all leading cordless vacuums with the highest airflow (27l/s) and shortest charge time of 1.5 to 2 hours. Runtimes vary, depending on which of Kobold’s high-performing suction-power levels and extra attachments you choose.

^ Kobold SP7 cleans up to 60m² with just 300ml of water and 3ml of detergent (using level 2 humidification).