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If there's one thing we can do for our health, it's to cook more from scratch. Let Thermomix® and Cookidoo® provide the inspiration, planning and cooking, while you enjoy more control in the kitchen.

Cooking for allergies and health

Cooking for allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements can take extra time, effort and money. It can feel like comfort foods and treats come off the menu... Thermomix® TM6 changes that completely. A world of recipes to suit every preference directly on-screen, time-saving functions and pre-set modes make it easy to take better care of yourself and those you love. You know 100% of what goes into your food and can easily make it from scratch.

Cook more from scratch

Avoid hidden nasties like additives and preservatives by cooking more from scratch. With TM6, you can enjoy healthy and delicious food without losing out on time. Mouthwatering main meals, snacks, desserts and pantry staples such as flours, bread, butter, nut milks, stock pastes and yoghurt, are all as simple as pressing ‘next’.

TM6 makes it easy

Who says you can’t have it all quicker, easier, healthier and tastier? Thermomix® gives you control over what goes into your food while taking the hard work out of cooking for allergies, intolerances, dietary needs and wellness. Enjoy the functionality of a whole host of appliances in one. Have it all and more with Thermomix® and Cookidoo®.

The best recipes for Diabetes

When eating for health, oftentimes the hardest part is finding the right recipes and creating a meal plan. Our new Thermomix® Cooking for Diabetes cookbook is the ideal tool with over 70 nutritionist-approved recipes for everything from your daily meals, to entertaining 'wow' dishes, and even desserts and drinks. Nothing is off the menu - it's all about balance.

Check out the limited edition hard-back cookbook on TheMix Shop today.

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"As a coeliac and someone with a number of allergies, I have had to carefully monitor what I can eat. Thermomix® makes it so easy to create amazing meals and snacks using ingredients that are good for me - all while being so simple to use and clean! Healthy choice options so easily available. And I love the connectivity with shopping lists and on-line grocery orders - the time this saves every week is again life changing!

I feel like I have recouped the cost of the machine just in the time I save and the raw ingredients I can easily produce. Great product! "

Sonia C.

Verified buyer

"I have been toying with the idea of a Thermomix® for years and finally got one. OMG! This has changed my life. We are eating fast healthy meals and it couldn’t be easier to use. It’s the next best thing to a personal chef. I would highly recommend for busy working families as you can have a healthy dinner on table within 30 min of getting home and you can be doing other jobs as your meal cooks. Get one you will not be disappointed."

Amy M.

Verified buyer

"It's everything you think it is, if you're on the fence grab one!!"

Zachary C.

Verified buyer