Create delicious moments with Thermomix®

Winter is the perfect time to cosy up at home and get creative in the kitchen. Thanks to 50 years of German design and engineering, the Thermomix® TM6 offers 20 appliances in one. Our pre-set modes, such as our Sugar mode, make cooking and experimenting easier than ever, so you can make gooey caramel and sweet honeycomb creations at the click of a button. See it first-hand with an in-home or virtual Thermomix demo.  

Save on time, mess and stirring a hot, sticky pot!

Create caramels, honeycombs, and other sweet treats with the pre-set Sugar mode. The Thermomix TM6 will do the heating and stirring for you (even the pre-cleaning), so you don’t have to slave over a hot, sticky stove.  

Your guide, every step of the way


  • Functionality of 20 appliances in 1 
  • Step-by-step recipe library with 70,000 recipes available on the touch screen 
  • On screen recipe steps include preset functionality for time, temperature, speed and ingredient weight  
  • On screen videos guide you through techniques like scoring pastry, forming bread loaves and piping dough for delicate choux pastries 
  • Minimum prep and mess - weigh straight into the bowl! 
  • Celebrate the savings of simply and quickly cooking from scratch 
  • Then, Thermomix® cleans itself with Pre-clean mode 

Pick your sweet treat

Homemade peanut brittle, chewy honeycomb, lollipops for the kids, or creamy fudge for a gift – the possibilities are endless. Create delicious, sweet, lick the spoon treats with Thermomix® and our guided recipes direct to screen.  

We’ve only scratched the surface

With the functionality of 20 appliances in 1, over 70,000 recipes available at the touch of the screen and the freedom to cook your own recipes too, there’s no end to what you can create with the Thermomix®. What’s more, our suite of 13 preset modes, such as Kneading mode, Pre-clean, Sous vide and Thicken mode for sauces and curds, take your kitchen confidence to the next level enabling you to master techniques as simply as pressing ‘next’. Click below to watch more videos of modes being demonstrated.



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