Get to know how smart (and fun) your vacuum can be.

Get to know how smart (and fun) your vacuum can be.

Kobold is the only cordless smart vacuum cleaner with smarts that allow you to personalise your cleaning settings and make cleaning quicker, easier and fun. Yes, we just put ‘fun’ and ‘cleaning’ in the same sentence! Because, just like its sister smart home appliance in the kitchen (the Thermomix®), Kobold can be connected to a Bluetooth® compatible app to unlock a whole load of cool and easy-to-use features.  

Let’s unpack all the ways MyKobold app helps you get the most from your Kobold smart appliance, bring some fun into your cleaning routine and save time for the things that matter most. 


Personalise it to clean your home, your way 

⭐️ Create your own personal cleaning modes to suit your home. 

⭐️ Set brush speed and suction level for special floor coverings not included in pre-set modes. 

⭐️ Seamlessly vacuum deep-pile rugs, bathmats, and yoga mats with customised modes. 

⭐️ Save time – no more manually selecting settings between surfaces.  


Have some fun with it! 

⭐️ See how many calories you’ve burned. 🏃♀️  

⭐️ And how much🧁🍪🍫 you’ve earned for your efforts! 

⭐️ Measure the total distance you’ve covered. 📏 

⭐️ See how you’re winning 🏆with how many sqm you’ve cleaned. 


Keep track of need-to-know stats too   

⭐️ Customise the digital display via the app to show the stats you want. 

⭐️ Change🔋battery info from % of charge left to minutes of run-time remaining. 

⭐️ Check how full the filter bag is in the MyKobold app.  

⭐️ See the water tank level when using your Kobold smart vacuum mop. 

⭐️ Keep track of total usage time and time spent using each attachment. 

Access simple how-tos in the app 

⭐️ No long instruction manuals to wade through - everything you need is in the app. 

⭐️ Clear photos and icons with easy-to-read and follow instructions. 

⭐️ Quick step-by-step guides help you get to know your new smart vacuum cleaner. 

⭐️ Simple tutorials help you get the most from your whole Kobold cleaning system. 

⭐️ Automatic timer settings to achieve optimal cleaning effectiveness with attachments. 

⭐️ Helpful tips for troubleshooting, care and maintenance in the app too. 


Never run out again! Set reminders and notifications  

⭐️Get notifications when the filter bag needs changing. 

⭐️Set reminders to purchase filter bags and Koboclean, based on your usage. 

⭐️Keep track of long-life parts for replacement reminders (e.g., brushes, batteries). 


Get support whenever you need it 

⭐️ Get in touch with our customer support team who will help with any enquiries. 

⭐️ Click through to our website to find more information, or to purchase accessories and consumables. 


Ready to get your new smart vacuum connected?  

Download the MyKobold app and register for a free account. 

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