The ultimate Thermomix ThermoServer cheat sheet

We can’t get enough of the Thermomix ThermoServer, because we can’t stop finding amazing ways they make life easy. Classic Round, Oval or Minis, the whole ThermoServer family is full of great kitchen hacks.
The ultimate Thermomix ThermoServer cheat sheet

We can’t get enough of the Thermomix ThermoServer, because we can’t stop finding amazing ways they make life easy. Classic Round, Oval or Minis, the whole ThermoServer family is full of great kitchen hacks. So we put together the ultimate cheat sheet to share over 20 of our favourite ways to ThermoServe – and to prove that you can never have enough of them!

Winner keep-warm dinners for a school night

When it’s the kids’ sports night. When your partner messages to say they’ll be home late from work. When you have an evening gym class. Whenever you need to keep dinner warm for your troops, you’ll never need to fret over your creations losing their heat and flavour in a ThermoServer. These double-walled stainless steel insulated dishes work double-time to keep food warm for up to three hours. For one of our winner keep-warm dinners, try Chicken and pesto risoni.


Cook it while you keep on cooking

Remember, you don’t need to cook every part of your meal in your Thermomix! When you’ve got your Thermomix in full use and you want to get your pasta, rice, cous cous or noodles ready, drop them into your ThermoServer, cover with BOILING hot water, put the lid on and leave to stand for the time it says on the packet, plus a few minutes extra. Don’t lift the lid while it’s cooking, otherwise the heat will escape and you’ll end up with under-cooked offerings. When it’s done, just strain and serve.


Breakfast on busy weekdays and easy weekends

You’ve got an early start and a big day ahead, but how do you make sure no one skips the most important meal of the day? Make up one big batch of porridge in your Thermomix and pop it in your ThermoServer to keep it warm for everyone in the family to enjoy, whenever they’re ready.

And for those perfect-for-pancakes weekend mornings, no need to put your oven on low to keep your pancakes or pikelets warm while you finish cooking. Just pile them up in your ThermoServer and serve. Try it out with a Cookidoo favourite, Ricotta and Banana Pancakes.


Keep the heat in your fakeaway feast

Baking your own fresh naan breads, flat breads or flour tortillas makes a fakeaway better than the real thing, and saves you heaps on takeaway nights. Pop them in the Oval Thermoserver to keep warm until you’re ready to serve and tuck in (it’s the perfect size and shape for naans and flat breads). And if you’ve added three Minis to your Thermoserver family, use these to keep your dips and salads cool, and your rice and sides warm. Ideal for Taco Tuesdays too.

Bring it to the party, barbecue or picnic

Your family of ThermoServers makes the hottest (and coolest) party hosts. Put your Oval and Round ThermoServers to work keeping your barbecued burgers and snags warm and your summer salads cool and perfectly crisp. Add some ice to the base and pop your homemade frozen icy poles in there for the kids to help themselves. Or keep your homemade ice cream or sorbet at that just right scoop-and-serve softness. And for your winter warmers, serve up some gooey and delicious cheesy warm dips like Chilli Con Queso and cheese fondue in your ThemermoServer Minis.


Now you’re ready to really get the party started… Bring out your ThermoServer Oval for a fresh oyster platter on ice and rock salt. Turn your ThermoServer Minis into mini ice buckets for keeping everyone’s pool-side drinks chilled. And get the summer cocktails flowing from your Thermoserver Round – it’s perfect for keeping slushy cocktails frozen, like strawberry daiquiris and Dani Valent’s Mimosa Float.


The bliss ball trick and other baking tips

How do you prove bread dough on a cold day? How do you keep chocolate ganache warm while you’re icing and decorating your cakes? How do you coat bliss balls without getting your hands or the counter dirty? The answer’s in your ThermoServer. You can even use that bliss balls trick for pretty much anything bite-sized or ball-shaped that needs to be coated. Just add your desiccated coconut, breadcrumbs, flour or coating mix in the base of your ThermoServer, pop in your pieces/balls, and swirl them from side to side to coat.

Making yoghurt in your sleep

While you’re catching zees, your Thermomix ThermoServer keeps your favourite milk base and culture at the perfect temperature for incubating yoghurt. Have a TM6 too? You can even place your ThermoServer into your Varoma to incubate yoghurt overnight, using the fermentation mode. Check out the Varoma method for making natural yogurt on Cookidoo.


Twice-as-nice rice

For the fluffiest rice you’ll ever know, let your cooked steamed rice sit in your ThermoServer (with the lid on) for just five minutes. And to get that just-right risotto consistency consistently, transfer your cooked risotto from pot to ThermoServer and let it stand for five minutes to absorb any extra liquid. Put it to the test with this Chicken, bacon, pumpkin and spinach risotto recipe.

1L ThermoServer

And lastly, zoodles!

Zap a small batch of zoodles in your Mini ThermoServer. Simply spiral your zucchinis, boil the kettle, place your zoodles and boiling water in your ThermoServer, pop on the lid and leave to stand for a few minutes.


Earn a free Thermoserver, or two, or three!

Speak to your Consultant, or find out more online about how you can earn a ThermoServer and add to your ThermoServer family.