TM5 software update 2.12

Your Thermomix® TM5 is constantly improving, and with the latest update 2.12, we've made changes to the TM5 Cook-Key! Discover how we're making your Thermomix® TM5 better.
TM5 software update 2.12

Your Thermomix TM5 is always improving with your Cook-Key, which unlocks the Wi-Fi potential of your device. With the latest update 2.12, you may notice a change to the sensitivity of the selector dial on your TM5. This offers an improved experience on your machine, as the dial can be adjusted to your preferred spin speed.

Here's some instructions on how you can adjust the selector dial. 


1. Head to the 'Settings' menu on your TM5 and select 'Rotary precision'. 

TM5 settings menu


2. Select between low, medium or high dial sensitivity. Once you have made a selection, simply continue enjoying your TM5! You can adjust the sensitivity at any time afterwards.

TM5 dial adjustment


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