Thermomix Pumpkin Soup - a family favourite

Pumpkin soup is always a family favourite, no matter what the occasion! Discover our tips and tricks for making the perfect pumpkin soup and find our deliciously easy Thermomix® pumpkin soup recipes.
Thermomix Pumpkin Soup - a family favourite

Whether it’s winter or summer, Pumpkin Soup is always a winner. No matter if it’s for lunch or dinner, there’s nothing more nourishing than a hearty, healthy soup. It’s no wonder then our Pumpkin Soup is the number one favourite soup recipe on Cookidoo.

Watch Grace and Bianca Mazur as they show you how to confidently create a delicious pumpkin soup in your Thermomix – whatever model you own. You can also find this recipe in your The Basic Cookbook (TM5) or the Everyday Cookbook (TM31).

Their top tips:

  • If you have a Thermomix TM31, make sure you have a green seal and replace every two years or when it’s worn
  • Cut your pumpkin into small, even pieces and take the skin off harder pumpkin types
  • Make sure your vegetables are fully cooked to ensure an even blend – ideally, chop the vegetables to a salad consistency so they cook faster and puree more easily
  • Root vegetables need to be cooked for a minimum of twenty minutes
  • When you’re cooking with heat or have hot ingredients, don’t touch the bowl or hold the Measuring Cup
  • Stick to the maximum level of the bowl, don’t be tempted to add ‘just one more carrot’
  • Use the Measuring Cup that comes with your Thermomix and is designed to let steam escape
  • Don’t hold the Measuring Cup, or put a tea towel or cover the Measuring Cup in any way whenever you’re pureeing hot food
  • When blending hot food, build to the speed gradually and then gradually back down. Wait 3-5 seconds before opening the lid - take things slow and avoid rushing. This soup is worth the wait!