Thermomix: A part-time side hustle that doesn’t feel like work

Thermomix: A part-time side hustle that doesn’t feel like work

Like a lot of people living on their own through the COVID lockdowns, Sharon Sharland had a tough time. Starting her Thermomix® business gave her the human connection she needed, kept the money coming in and filled her cup with the joy of helping others overcome their struggles in life.

As an experienced change management consultant, Sharon could have done literally anything to earn a bit extra on the side, but she chose Thermomix® because it had already made a big difference to her life.

Getting healthier and cheffier in the kitchen 

“I enjoy entertaining family and friends, but I wouldn’t call myself a foodie. And because I’m not responsible for cooking for others every day, I do tend to develop lazy eating habits,” says Sharon.

“Discovering Thermomix® made it easy to cook healthier meals, add more variety to my diet and get a bit more cheffy in the kitchen. And I remember thinking, if Thermomix can help someone like me create a knock-out ice cream, praline and crème brulee for my friends, then it can help anybody lift their cooking skills to the next level!”

Personal support that makes all the difference 

Sharon confesses she’s a bit of a perfectionist who’s always compared herself to other people and thought she could never make Consultant. But she says the training, development, incentives, rewards and support have changed all that.

“What I quickly came to appreciate – and still do – is their strong leadership and values. How many CEOs take time out of their schedule to pick up the phone and ask how you’re finding the business and congratulate you on your progress? Grace, Bianca and my Business Development Manager are all so supportive.”

A purpose that makes the extra hours totally worth it 

Just like in the corporate world, Sharon loves helping people and making a difference, working with kindness, care and responsibility. But with her Thermomix business, she says it’s on a deeper level.

“You’re in a privileged position when you’re a Thermomix Consultant. You’re walking into someone’s personal space and they’re often sharing very personal information about their lives, such as struggles with their health, children or job. Often, you’re the only person they’ve spoken to who’s impartial to their situation. You’re there to listen, understand, share your personal story and struggles too, and find the best personal outcome for them.

“The greatest joy is seeing how the product and the business enhances the lives of others. That makes the extra hours totally worth it!”

Fun, laughter and a little bit of luxury too 

Today, Sharon’s a Team Leader running her Thermomix® business in partnership with her friend Sandy, and still working full-time as a change management consultant – putting in hours after work and on weekends.

“I don’t want to spend my spare time doing stuff that feels like work. And my Thermomix® business is fun and fulfilling to run. Sandy and I share a real passion for food providence and supporting local producers and we share a lot of laughs too, even when we get lost on the way home from demos!

“And I’ve enjoyed some amazing holidays with the steady income generated from my business. Just recently, I splashed out to celebrate my 50th birthday in style overseas.”

To all Thermomix® cooks considering becoming Consultants, Sharon says, “Life’s too short to do stuff that doesn’t light the fire inside you. So if you really love Thermomix®, you’ll have so much to gain, and so much to give by sharing your personal story with others.”

Find out how you can earn your Thermomix® and start your own flexible part-time, full-time or side hustle business that fits your life and puts fire in your belly.