Living the good life and nurturing others to grow with Thermomix®

Living the good life and nurturing others to grow with Thermomix®

Stevie Young was working full-time as an agricultural sales rep and struggling to juggle a busy life out on the road with trying to live a healthier, self-sufficient lifestyle on the family farm in Canterbury, New Zealand. Her Thermomix® journey began with a mission to nourish her family by cooking from scratch with the TM6, but that soon grew into a passion for nurturing others to grow with Thermomix®.

“What has been by far the most enriching thing about becoming a Thermomix® Team Leader – and now a Business Development Manager – is discovering my life purpose to help people believe in themselves and realise their worth in the world,” says Stevie.

Living the self-sufficient dream. Homegrown and homecooked.

It was the milling function that first got Stevie interested in the TM6. Living on a farm producing cereals and small seeds, she instantly saw the potential to mill her own homegrown wheat into flour. The cooking side of things didn’t really appeal to her until she saw it in action.

“I don't really enjoy cooking, but I do love producing our own nourishing food and we were finding it a real struggle trying to live a self-sufficient lifestyle while working full-time.

“Getting a Thermomix® was a game-changer. Now I didn’t need to stand over a pot making staples like tomato sauce, jam and pickles. I could put some home-grown produce on to cook and walk away from it while I worked. It didn’t take long before much of the store-bought stuff in our pantry and fridge was replaced by our own homemade goodies.”

Discovering the full potential of TM6 and realising her own

Stevie had been raving about the TM6 to anyone who would listen. She saw an opportunity and decided to start her Thermomix® business.

“I decided to sign up for the Earn Program to get a TM6 for my mom. I had no intention of taking it any further, but found it easy to fit Thermomix® around my full-time job, doing cooking demos while I was out on the road, or virtually in my evenings or from home on weekends.

Months into my consultancy, I was approached about a Team Leader role. The thing that got me over the line was the amazing support. I’d never truly recognised my own potential until the Thermomix® team pointed it out to me. And I’m forever grateful for that.”

Nurturing others and watching them grow

For the last two years running, Stevie has won Top Recruiter in New Zealand. But when we asked about her career highlights so far, it was her team’s accolades that really filled her with pride.

“What I love most is watching other women grow and achieve the things they never imagined they’d be capable of. One of my team leaders just joined the Elevate Program, and another has just been awarded first senior Team Leader in New Zealand, which I’m so proud of! 

Having time to be the person I truly want to be.

“I remember when I was doing my training thinking I’d learned more about sales in those few months than I had all those years working on the road as an agricultural sales rep.”

“I’ve always been a go-go-go kind of person, but my Thermomix® training has taught me to think more strategically and work more efficiently. Through that, I’ve been able to create balance in my life and pursue hobbies I never had time for in my previous job.”

“Now I get to spend more time in my garden. I even bought myself a horse and got back into riding, which I love. I have the time to be the person I truly want to be.”

If you’re thinking of starting a Thermomix® Business, Stevie says, “Trust the process and give it a go. You might just join for the financial opportunity, which is truly amazing. But it’s the people and the connection that our community provides that really makes the biggest difference in people’s lives.”

Find out how you can earn your Thermomix® and start your own business or side hustle, working flexible part-time hours or turning it into a full-time profession. Choose what fits you.