Created Recipes in Cookidoo® has a new sharing feature!

Created Recipes in Cookidoo® has a new sharing feature!

We all know that delicious food and good recipes are much better when shared.

Previously, Created Recipes on Cookidoo® are private, accessible only by their creator. But as of today, 19th March 2024, you can now share your Created Recipes with friends and family!

This is a much-anticipated new feature added to Cookidoo® in response to customer and Consultant feedback.

Sharing is easy, when you’re within your Created Recipe click on the three dots and select ‘Share Recipe’. You’ll then be asked to confirm if you’re the owner of the recipe photo before you can continue sharing.

For a step by step breakdown, watch the video below.



It just got even easier to import your favourite recipes from Recipe Community!

Now, when you click the ‘Add to Cookidoo®’ button on your favourite Recipe Community recipe, Cookidoo® will automatically detect and annotate the Thermomix® settings within the recipe. This saves you time and effort when importing your favourite Recipe Community recipes.


A reminder about Created Recipes

Cookidoo® Created Recipes allows you to create, import and modify your favourite recipes, save them all in one place and cook them with your Thermomix® TM6. Created Recipes mean you can:

  • duplicate and modify existing Cookidoo® recipes to suit our preferences (e.g. reduce sugar, swap ingredients, or scale up/down recipes to adjust portion sizes).
  • automatically import recipes direct from Recipe Community to Cookidoo® at the click of a button
  • upload our own recipes to the platform and link them for what we’re calling ‘interactive manual cooking’. This will bring you step-by-step recipe prompts for your own Created Recipes on-screen.

Currently, you can create up to 100 recipes within Created Recipes.

Head to Cookidoo® now to start creating your own delicious recipes.