Cost of living: Budget-friendly (but still healthy and delicious) recipes to help ease inflation pain

Cost of living: Budget-friendly (but still healthy and delicious) recipes to help ease inflation pain

We’re all looking for wins to ease the cost-of-living squeeze right now. Almost 3 in 4 Aussies and Kiwis say they’d like to cook cheaper meals at home, spend less money on food and still be able to enjoy healthy, delicious dishes.¹

We hear you, and we’re here to prove you can have tasty, easy and cheap dinners (and your cake) and eat it too. And the best place to start isn’t the supermarket!

Our food rescue charity partner OzHarvest says Aussie households waste vegetables, bread, fruit, bagged salad and leftovers at an extraordinary rate. This means the biggest savings are already there in your fridge and pantry.

But where do you find the time, energy or recipe inspo to use up those stray ingredients on a busy weeknight? The answer’s sitting on your kitchen bench if you’ve got a Thermomix®. With 20 time and money-saving appliances in 1 sleek unit and Cookidoo® budget recipes just a tap away, you’ll easily whip up the tastiest, healthiest food on a budget and chop your food bill down to size. 

The average household could save around AU$273 per month cooking thrifty with Thermomix®.¹ 

Check out our go-to budget dinner ideas and cost-of-living winning tips. 


Forage your fridge for food on a budget

Take a closer look at what’s in the fridge. You’ll be surprised what you can cook up with just a few simple ingredients.


Bag savings from the back of the pantry

Tinned vegetables, lentils and beans are often left sitting in the darkest corners of most pantries. Here are some easy and cheap dinner recipes for using up these often-forgotten foods.


Ugly veg. Big beautiful flavours

Use up the neglected veggies going to waste in the crisper drawer, or go rescuce some rejected and reduced ugly fruit and veg from your local supermarket or online subscription services (like Farmers Pick, Good & Fugly and Oddprod) and give these a go. 


Plan more meat-free days than Mondays

The average mear-eating family can cut the cost of living by as much as AU$70 per week² by cooking four or more cheap meatless recipes each week. And Thermomix® and Cookidoo® make it easy to put more plant-based tastiness on your plate. Try these veggie meals on a budget to get started. 


Stack up the savings with batch cooking

Save time and stretch the budget even further with batch cooking. Buy ingredients in bulk and make three to four meals in one batch cooking session. Then store and freeze in individual portions.

Find more budget recipes in Cookidoo's® Stack Up the Savings collection


See how much you can chop off the cost of living 

Use our simple online savings calculator to see how big a chunk you can chop off the cost of living with Thermomix® and Cookidoo® bringing winning budget dinner ideas every day.



Want to see Thermomix®  in action? Book to host a demo and get rewarded. 




¹Based on data from Australia and New Zealand-wide surveys conducted by Painted Dog Research in February 2024.

²Research conducted by professor Karen Charlton, a dietitian from the University of Wollongong (May 2022).