Kobold Cordless Vacuum and Mop available through the NDIS

Home cleaning made easy with the NDIS-registered Kobold

The compact, lightweight and easy-to-steer Kobold Cordless Vacuum and Mop are NDIS registered to help more people safely and easily clean their home with minimal physical effort. This simple assistive technology combines a powerful but surprisingly quiet two-motor vacuum with a TÜV-Nord certified filter bag and vibrating microfibre technology to seamlessly vacuum and mop at the same time. It’s also Sensitive Choice accredited, making it an ideal addition to NDIS plans for allergy sufferers.

Unique benefits to adding Kobold assistive technology to your NDIS plan

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to steer to minimise physical effort 

  • Flexible, fully cordless system removes power cable trip hazards and restrictions 

  • Powerful two-motor vacuum is surprisingly quiet 

  • Cleans every hard floor, from laminate and tiles to parquet without switching attachments 

  • 2-in-1 attachment vacuums and mops hard floors at the same time 

  • Can be comfortably used from a seated position 

  • Ideal for those with allergies - Sensitive Choice accredited and TÜV-Nord certified 

  • Hygienic filter bag is easy to remove cleanly, without mess 

  • Easy-to-attach add-ons offer an entire cleaning system for greater independence 

  • Saves money, reducing the reliance on cleaning services 

NDIS approved to make lighter work of cleaning

Combining a powerful two-motor vacuum with 2-in-1 mop attachment, Kobold VK7 is lightweight, compact, easy-to-steer and quiet. The Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum weighs 2.3kg. And even with the mop attachment, Kobold still glides along the floor easily, minimising physical effort and the need for home assistance services.

Fully cordless cleaning with no restrictions or trip hazards

Kobold is an easy way to make home cleaning simpler and safer with NDIS-funded support. Because the vacuum is fully cordless, with no power cable to get in the way and create a trip hazard or restrict movement, it provides greater control, flexibility and freedom to physically navigate the home easily. 

With Kobold’s 2-in-1 mop attachment, there’s no bucket needed either. The tank requires just a small amount of water to mop all floors. It can easily be parked and paused to handle life's other interruptions too. 

Sensitive Choice accredited so allergy sufferers can breathe easy

Featuring a powerful German-engineered allergy vacuum filter system and TÜV-Nord certified hygienic filter bags, the Kobold Cordless Vacuum has also been accredited by Sensitive Choice for its exceptional performance in capturing 99.9% of allergens, making it an ideal addition to NDIS plans for allergy sufferers. 

Ideal for those with assistance dogs and companion animals

The Kobold Cordless Vacuum (VB100) combined with the Upholstery Brush attachment creates a powerful all-in-one cordless pet vacuum too. Counter-rotating brushes loosen pet hair, dander, lint, dust and dirt trapped in carpets, textiles and soft-furnishings, and Kobold’s three-level suction lifts and captures everything in one compact filter bag that’s easy to remove without mess. 

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NDIS registered provider of assistive products for household tasks

The Mix Australia is a registered provider of NDIS consumables, offering level 1 and 2 NDIS assistive technology and devices to support people living with a disability and mobility issues, as well as their carers. Our Kobold and Thermomix TM6 approved products are categorised as ‘Assistive products for household tasks’ and ‘Assistive products and accessories that are relating to participating in household tasks’ under ‘Capital Supports (Assistive Technology – Support Category 5)’.  

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