Listen to Grace and Bianca on the LadyBrains Podcast

Listen to Grace and Bianca on the LadyBrains Podcast

We’re excited to have mother-daughter duo Grace and Bianca Mazur on the latest season of the Lady Brains podcast, a series focused on founders and founders-to-be who are building brands of the future.

In the episode Grace shares the story of discovering Thermomix® in Poland, before bringing one all the way back to Perth and spending the following year trying to secure its exclusive distribution rights for Australia.

I still remember back when we converted our family home into the office. The living room was where we had meetings. The kitchen was where we were cooking recipes. It was this real community that was created. [The consultants] then felt like they wanted to be part of and share the experience. 


“I loved cooking. I grew up on a farm, so I always loved cooking and I could see how you could [use Thermomix®] to go back to basics, and cook anything from scratch. I really loved that aspect of it, but I could also see the business opportunity. ”


Hear about how Grace started the brand from their family home; holding all cooking demos in the kitchen, and meetings in the lounge room, and how the word spread rapidly throughout Perth in the early days, and the team’s top tips for generating word of mouth. 

Find out what it’s like to work together as a mother-daughter duo and how they’ve been able to create over 70,000 recipes on the Cookidoo® platform.

We hope you enjoy this conversation. You can listen to the episode now via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.