Thermomix® partners with OzHarvest

From the beginning, Grace's mission for Thermomix® in Australia was to make a difference in people’s lives.
In Australia, we waste 7.6 million tonnes of food every year. Despite this, 3.7 million households struggled to put food on their table this year.  These are stats that together, we can help change. 
“We’re keen to extend our impact, and partnering with OzHarvest was the perfect way for us to do that,” says Bianca Mazur, Chief Executive Officer.  
Our goal working with OzHarvest this year is to donate 200,000 meals and rescue 100,000kg of food from food waste.  


Host a demo,
make an impact

When you host a demo between 11 April and 15 May, we’ll donate 20 meals to OzHarvest or KiwiHarvest (our New Zealand partner).

During your demo you’ll get hands on with Thermomix® and learn some helpful food waste tips from your Consultant.

Through this initiative we’ve aiming to donate 100,000 meals across Australia and New Zealand by 15 May.

Contact your Consultant or click here to book your demo today.