Thermomix® My Foodie Box


Thermomix® My Foodie Box

At last, a meal delivery kit that pairs with your Thermomix®

Discover the farm-to-table meal delivery service that Perth families are raving about. Get in touch with your Thermomix® consultant to sign up and save $25 OFF* your first box!

A match made in foodie heaven

Thermomix® and Perth’s favourite farm-to-table meal delivery service My Foodie Box combines all the time-saving convenience of hands-free cooking with fresh, healthy and affordable meal delivery kits designed to maximise taste and minimise food waste.

My Foodie Box share the Thermomix® mantra that food tastes better when cooked from scratch. And they share our mission to bring the fun and joy back into WA’s kitchens. We couldn’t have found a better meal kits partner to pair with your Thermomix®.

* Thermomix® My Foodie Box is only based in the Perth Metro Area.

Healthy, farm-to-table fresh food delivery

With the meal kit developed and tested for Thermomix® TM5 and TM6 by the foodie team at My Foodie Box, it’s as simple as choosing up to five healthy, seasonal recipes each week. Your choices change each month, but there are always vegetarian, vegan, meat-based and seafood options with tags to flag special dietary requirements, and all made within 20-45 minutes. It’s a great way to introduce some new dishes to your family meals.

Every recipe comes with a recipe card with a step-by-step guide to using the manual functions on your TM5 or TM6.

Food boxes that give back time and take the pressure off

There’s a lot of time and pressure in planning and picking local fresh ingredients for nutritious, balanced family meals with enough variety to keep foodies and fussy eaters happy.

It’s even more time intensive when you’re trying to source the healthiest, most ethical products with the smallest environmental impact. That’s what we love about My Foodie Box. It takes all that pressure off trying to plan and shop consciously and gives you back all that time for the things that matter most – enjoying real food and real quality time with the people that matter most.

Just click to pick from 15 healthy seasonal recipes

What is the healthiest meal delivery service in Perth? Possibly the healthiest in Australia? Our friends at My Foodie Box have got it in the bag, sourcing and handpicking every ingredient that goes into their healthy meal plans from ethically responsible local WA farmers and producers. That means you’re getting the freshest, highest quality in-season fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood that are free from preservatives, hormones and pesticides for better flavour and better health.

Want to get your first feel-good taste of that fresh food delivery convenience?

Sign up now and save $25 OFF* your first box! Simply get in touch with your Thermomix® consultant to subscribe and receive this offer.

Still not sure? Check out our video and see what to expect from your Thermomix® My Foodie Box!

*$25 off discount applies to the Thermomix® My Foodie Box only. Discount code can only be used once per each new subscription. For more information regarding your My Foodie Box subscription please refer to My Foodie Box website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is My Foodie Box subscriptions based?

Yes, and subscriptions are flexible. Skip weeks, swap recipes and cancel anytime. Only order what you want and when you want it.

Will I have to cook manually on my Thermomix®?

Yes, but you will be guided on how to incorporate your Thermomix® with the step-by-step guide on the recipe cards you receive in your box.

Is this available Australia wide? 

No, currently the Thermomix® My Foodie Box is only available for delivery within the Perth Metro area. To find out if your suburb is included, check your postcode on the My Foodie Box website here.

What if I don’t have a Consultant?

You can learn more about support for your Thermomix® with a Consultant here, or alternatively get in touch with our team to be linked up with your Consultant here.

Can I sign up if I don’t own a Thermomix®?

Yes, while these recipes are made for use with your Thermomix® you can still sign up through the My Foodie Box website.

How is My Foodie Box different to other home delivery meal kit services? 

My Foodie Box is a local Perth business who source and handpick all ingredients from ethically responsible WA farmers and producers. This not only results in higher produce quality (and better taste), it also better aligns with our Thermomix® values and goals on less food and packaging waste.

Are there options for dietary requirements?

The My Foodie Box Thermomix® recipes have clear dietary tags so you can select the recipes that are right for you. There are recipes to suit vegetarians, vegan, meat-based and fish and seafood preferences.

Are only meal kits available to purchase?

No, you can also stock up on pantry staple items, fruit and snack boxes too.

Are the recipes on Cookidoo®?

No, the recipes in your Thermomix® My Foodie Box are not available on Cookidoo®. However, you’ll receive a recipe card which will guide you step-by-step.

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