Thermomix® Ovana 20cm Turning Peel
Thermomix® Ovana 20cm Turning Peel
Thermomix® Ovana 20cm Turning Peel
Thermomix® Ovana 20cm Turning Peel
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Ovana 20cm Turning Peel

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We designed the small, round, perforated Ovana pizza turning peel to be super quick and easy to handle when you’re cooking at high heat and high speeds with your Ovana oven. Made of quality non-stick anodised aluminium, with indents and steel reinforcements, it’s lightweight and thin, yet sturdy enough to help you swiftly slide under the base, turn your pizza and get it done to perfection within a minute. 

Why turn your pizza? The bottom of your pizza base is one of the first parts to cook. So to get that perfect, lightly charred crispy base, just like the Italians, you’re going to need a small, round pizza turning peel, just like the Italians!  

We added a short handle to make it easy to handle, but built it long enough to keep your hands a safe distance away from the high heat in your Ovana oven. And we made it a perforated pizza turning peel to allow your base to breathe and stay crisp while you turn it.  

The Ovana pizza turning peel is available to purchase separately as one of our genuine Ovana pizza accessories.  

Key Features

  • Designed for precision cooking in your Ovana oven at high speed and high heat
  • The quickest, easiest and safest way to turn pizzas in your Ovana oven
  • Modern take on the iconic small, round pizza peel
  • Incredibly lightweight, yet sturdy for easy handling and durability
  • Made of quality non-stick anodised aluminium, with indents and steel reinforcements
  • Perforated pizza peel for those who prefer to get rid of excess flour
  • Perforated pizza turning peel, with holes allowing the base to breathe as you turn
  • Hook on the handle to hang your pizza peel

To keep your Ovana pizza turning peel looking and cooking at its best, we recommend handwashing with a soft cloth, mild soap and warm water and drying with a tea towel. Avoid washing with harsh or abrasive detergents and scrubbing pads, or using metal utensils, pizza cutters or knives on the anodized aluminium non-stick surface.

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